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15 marketing phrases 2021 to inspire you

marketing phrases 2021

Inspiration. Many times inspiration is the only thing we need to continue working and creating. That is why today we bring you 15 marketing phrases 2021 to inspire you. Which is your favorite?

1. The best marketing is the one that doesn't look like marketing. (Tom Fishburne)

We live in a world full of advertising messages where the viewer is saturated with so many stimuli and does not pay attention to the messages. A good marketing or advertising campaign is one that is capable of finding a gap among so much competition. That knows how to adapt to new marketing trends and focuses its content on its objectives.

Ask yourself this question. Can you change the focus of your marketing campaign to target the viewer? If the answer is no, your marketing campaign will go unnoticed and you will be wasting money. Focus on the objective and find a way to tell it to your client in a way that they want to hear it.

2. Stop selling and start helping. (Zig Ziglar)

We are in the XNUMXst century, it is over looking for the best way to sell your product without caring if your product is good or bad. It is time to worry about what our product contributes, what it is useful for. If our product really fulfills a function and is useful, it will sell itself and we must focus our marketing and communication campaigns on making this clear.

On the other hand, it is important that you understand the importance of CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility. Companies have a responsibility in society just like any person. It is not only a matter of values ​​and charity, it is something that our public will understand and value positively. Placing ourselves in the consumer's mind as a moral and ethical company that contributes more than what it sells will help us improve the sales of our business and our position in the market.

3. Sell the problem you solve, not the product you make. (Unknown)

This is one of those marketing phrases that you have to pay close attention to. It is also closely related to the previous one. Your product meets a need for which the consumer will pay, do you know what it is?

Focus your marketing campaign on solving a problem that the customer has or will have, and your product or service will sell itself. Let's take an example. Imagine that we want to sell a pen. We could highlight its characteristics, its price, tell a fantastic story around it. But there is nothing like making the client see that he has something urgent to sign or write down. Then the customer will need a pen and that's the time to sell it to them.

4. An important part of content marketing is knowing how to listen. (Marcus Sheridan)

Among the best marketing phrases 2021, inboud marketing could not be missing. It is no longer necessary to explain the importance of creating quality content that ranks in search engines and helps us position ourselves. But many times we see copywriters, copywriters and SEOs create content about the first thing that comes to mind. There are no filters. We see them pursue unattainable goals, little-searched keywords or saturated titles among which it is impossible to find your niche.

This is why it is important to listen to the market, analyze the position in which we find ourselves and look for our gap. Content marketing is meaningless if you don't create content you're ready for, remember that.


5. Power does not come from content, power comes from content that provokes movement and action. (Mark Schaefer)

Mark Schaefer marketing quotes

In the same way that we must review and inquire about the content we create to have options for it to be visible, we must create interesting content. There is too much competition in inboud marketing to try and compete with boring, static copy that won't grab anyone's attention.

The advice of this marketing phrase is: find a niche in which to position yourself and create quality content about it. Try to make it easy to read, enjoyable and interesting to the reader. For example, in this article we could talk about marketing and give you theoretical knowledge, but it is more entertaining to teach the same content with clever phrases about marketing and practical examples.

6. People ignore design that ignores people. (Frank Chimera)

Orienting the design towards the needs and tastes of our audience is essential so that it does not go unnoticed. We can find examples of impressive and aesthetically amazing designs that however do not sell. Why is this happening? This happens because we prioritize creativity before objectives. It also happens the other way around. We cannot make a graphic so focused on its objectives and what it has to say that it does not draw the viewer's attention. We must find an intermediate point without forgetting these two fundamental aspects.

7. If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. (Peter Drucker)

This marketing phrase is essential when designing our marketing strategy. We must plan our campaigns with general and specific objectives that we can measure and thus know if they have worked or not. If you cannot measure them, they are not concrete objectives. Surely you are focusing your effort on objectives that are too general and that is why your campaign is not working.
Always look for a way to check the evolution of the marketing campaign and if it is really working, if not you will end up throwing your money randomly.

8. No one will follow you if you don't know where you are going. (Jack Trout)

Mark Schaefer marketing quotes

This is the marketing phrase in which we talk about the importance of establishing a marketing strategy before starting any action. We have to establish a realistic strategy, sustainable over time and focused on previously defined objectives.

9. The design is very simple. That is why it is so complicated. (Paul Rand)

The ability to condense, simplify, and fit content into available space is no joke. And much less is it easy. There are techniques, tricks and strategies that will help you follow a homogeneous line in your designs. A corporate visual identity manual will help you in this mission.

10. The beginning is the most important part of any task. (Plato)

Among all these 2021 marketing phrases, our great philosopher Plato could not be missing. He had nothing to do with marketing, I know. However, this phrase is applicable to almost all fields.

Starting to plan a marketing strategy is a task that should not be taken lightly. We must take into account the communications and previous situation so as not to break with what has already been built over the years and give a coherent and unified image. The beginning therefore in marketing must be the previous investigation, do not forget it!

11. Advertising is not an end, but a means. Marketing is not a means, but an end. (Jonathan Garcia-Allen)

Advertising is one of the marketing tools, but not the only one. In fact, in your marketing plan there should be many important aspects to consider and advertising is only one of them, and not always the most important. Pay attention to all the tools you have at your fingertips, not just the most visible ones.

12. Always doing what customers want is a big mistake. (Michael E. Porter)

Michael E Porter

This marketing phrase offers a very valuable lesson that we must not forget. Many times we tend to be the brand that the client wants us to be. And it just doesn't work because we're not that brand. The client does not know about marketing, or strategy, or sales. We must be the ones who, paying close attention and without forgetting the wishes of our clients, make the decisions that we consider appropriate. You have to pay attention to the target audience, yes, but without losing control.

13. Stop writing everything. Find your niche and then find an even smaller niche. (Joe Pulizzi)

We talked about it before in another of the 2021 marketing phrases. Stop writing about absolutely everything. Surely you are betting on keywords with which you do not even have the opportunity to position your article due to its high competition. In addition, you will be confusing the algorithm with so many topics and it will not know if you specialize in any of them.

The advice in this marketing phrase is to stop. Look for a niche in which you are good and can provide valuable content and differentiate yourself from the rest. And then he writes about specific aspects within that chosen child. It will be much more effective.

14. Let's work to be a brand that society wants to exist. (Soichiro Honda)

Companies must provide something more than a product or service today. We must work to be a brand whose consumers want it to exist. This is achieved by determining and following brand values ​​and principles that we must follow throughout our history as an organization. Stop and think for a moment. Do you contribute something to society beyond a product? If the answer is no, you have a job!

15. If plan A fails remember that you still have 25 more letters. (Chris Guillebeau)

This had to be the last of the 2021 marketing phrases. Error is natural and we should not fear it. Nothing happens if you have implemented a marketing strategy and it has not given the results you expected. Now you have more information about your audience and how they behave. Seize it!

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