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30 Marketing strategies for a new company

marketing strategies for a new company

Positioning a brand and gaining a place in the market can be very complex. Especially if the most appropriate strategies for each case are not available. If we also add the difficulty of having little travel, everything is more complicated. That's why today we present you 30 marketing strategies for a new company.

For your marketing strategy for a new company to work, it will be necessary to think and execute a marketing plan that is related to the public and that is also capable of promoting your product or service.

However, if you still don't know what the best marketing strategy is for a new business, here are 30 options:

1. Loyalty

Improving the customer experience is the best way to build loyalty and establish a close relationship between the customer and the company. We are new, yes. Therefore, our public is not yet very wide, but it is our starting point and we must take care of it and secure it. To do this, we must know our target audience and their needs.

2. Sponsorship

One of the best ways to get a brand noticed is with sponsorship, stating that there is a link with other big brands. A clear example of this is participation in events where the target audience usually attends. Taking into account that we are looking for marketing strategies for a new company, this is a very good way to make ourselves known.

3. Interruption

It is about attracting the attention of the potential client with interruptions in the content they consume, such as in the case of television or internet commercials. It is an expensive option and even more so if we have just started and we still do not have many resources, but we could take advantage of local or regional media to directly interrupt the leisure time of our target audience at a lower cost.

4. Popups

They are those ads that we see daily when we browse the internet and access a page. Basically, it is a type of online interruption. Its price is better than the interruption in classic marketing and therefore it is more accessible to marketing for new companies.

5. Going viral

In social networks we can use certain tools and apply strategies that allow content to become a trend. We must take advantage of hashtags and trending topic, which allow people looking for related content to find these publications. It is a very good marketing strategy for new companies, because we can sneak in and be present in already established trends.

6. Positioning

When we enter a search engine, the content that is displayed is the one that has the best positioning. This may seem complicated if we don't have a long haul because we are a new company, but we can take advantage of it. We will have to focus on more specific niches and begin to climb little by little in our positioning. For this reason, it is important to apply a strategy that allows us to be more visible within the great universe of searches.

7. recommendations

Surely, we have all tried a product because a friend has told us wonders about it. This is a common and effective strategy that has been adapted to the current needs with the use of the Internet. Join this marketing strategy!

8. Influencers

We all like to know the advantages and disadvantages of a product before buying it. For this, influencers are of great importance. They are capable of transmitting the experience to the potential consumer before purchasing the product. It is one of the marketing strategies for new companies par excellence, since we go to our target audience in their leisure time and its cost is not excessively high.

9. Inbound Marketing

Inboud marketing is one of the best known marketing strategies today. It refers to attracting customers through relevant and high-quality content. In this case, we are talking about a carefully designed methodology that is capable of matching the customer with the specific product they are looking for.


We love free samples because it is an option to test the product and decide whether or not to buy it. This strategy is usually used by brands when they want to promote a specific line and/or present a new product. The freebie is one of the most used marketing strategies for new businesses.

11.Product Placement

Placement marketing or product placement refers to the introduction of products in a musical aesthetic, in a movie, video game or even a television program. It is a somewhat expensive marketing strategy for new companies, but we can adapt it to reduce your costs.

12.Street Marketing

It is an out of home mode where we can view various products while we walk down the street. It is a strategy based on creativity and impact. It is a difficult strategy for new companies to apply due to their need for imagination and high creativity and innovation, but if we manage to make an impact with street marketing we will have hit the nail on the head.

13. Personalization

In this case, the product is extremely different, giving it a touch of personality according to the type of consumer. A clear example is the personalized cans of Coca-Cola or the cups with your name by hand from Starbucks. Being a young company that has just started, we surely have more customization facilities than other brands already established in the market and we should take advantage of it.

14. Intramarketing

For those who consider their employees to be the most important, endomarketing is the most suitable option. Since it shows its employees as ambassadors of the product. This is a very good option for small and medium-sized companies, as they show closeness and kindness.

15.Growth Hacking

This is a technique commonly used by start-ups. In Growth Hacking, resources such as subscriptions, downloadable materials, courses, among others, are used to attract attention. It is a very effective marketing strategy for new businesses.

16. Activation

It consists of generating physical interaction with customers through an exhibition of products where they can try it and actively participate in the process. We love to try before we buy. This activates customers and if they have also never tried our brand, all the better. We make ourselves known.

17. Content quality

If you are going to promote your product or service online, you must make sure to generate quality content. Content where potential customers get the answers to their questions in order to satisfy their needs. New companies have the advantage of not having a history on the internet and not having a communication strategy to adapt to new technologies. You're free. Design the communication strategy for a new company from scratch and adapted to the latest technologies.


These are campaigns carried out by telephone. In telemarketing, a call is made to the potential buyer to explain the characteristics of the product and the available promotions, making an attractive offer. Telemarketing is a very effective and direct marketing strategy for startups.

19. Offline Advertising

We already know that, at present, the internet prevails over any other medium. However, it never hurts to include offline advertising strategies for those people who do not have internet access.

20. E-mail marketing

Nowadays, email is practically indispensable in working life. For this reason, it is an excellent channel to spread information about products or services. If your company has little travel, you should get a list of emails from customers or potential buyers so that you can later communicate your offers and promotions to them.

21. Affiliations

Affiliate marketing consists of establishing a relationship between the company and an affiliated website in exchange for a commission for the sales that have been processed through it. If you are a new company, you can take advantage of the advantage and visibility that other larger brands can offer you as an affiliate.

22 Participation

Interaction is the key to many marketing strategies. In this case, activities such as forums or debates are carried out through social networks to reach a greater number of people. Increasing engagement is the key to most startup marketing strategies.

23. Social Media Advertising

Ads on social networks like Facebook and Instagram are becoming more and more popular. They have a great scope based on a system of algorithms and relationships of interests. This makes the campaign reach the potential customer in the most effective way.

24. Video marketing

It is an audiovisual format that is transmitted online, without the need for it to be invasive or to interrupt the user's navigation. It is a good marketing strategy for small businesses and new businesses due to its low cost, since it only requires the involvement of people and the creation of shareable content.

25. Print Advertising

Refers to newspaper or magazine advertisements that are targeted to a specific audience. This is the case, for example, with fashion magazines or the advertising section of the newspaper. It is a marketing strategy for a new company that goes directly to our target audience in a place where we know that if it is, it is for its own interest in the matter.

26. Radio and television advertisements

Through these means, it is possible to reach those people who are interested in this content, with the transmission of advertisements in the commercial breaks. It is one of the somewhat expensive marketing strategies for a new company, but the costs can be reduced a lot if we focus on local or regional media.

27. Merchandising

It is about the personalization of objects of common use, such as pens, t-shirts, mugs, among others. We go home with the client in the product that he will use and has taken for pleasure. One of the perfect start-up marketing strategies for local uses of small and medium-sized businesses that have just entered the market.


It is the type of advertising that seeks to sell or convey emotions and sensations to the consumer by reacting to certain stimuli.

29.Call to Action

Called calls to action, they are ideal for promoting conversations around the brand, in order to study the target audience. The call to action is a marketing strategy for new companies widely used today.

30. Diversity

The society in which we live is characterized by being increasingly open to new trends. However, the big brands only show the most normative and generic bodies, leaving empty space and market niches. It is true that in marketing reading there is less public in these niches, but if we manage to position ourselves in them we have everything done. Taking advantage of gaps in the market is indeed a good marketing strategy for new companies that are going for it all. Allow this to be part of your ad campaign by including diverse types of people and dominate a more diverse niche.


These have been the 30 marketing strategies for a new company. Which one are you going to apply? If you prefer that a team of professionals advise you and implement these marketing strategies for starts-up for you, contact the marketing consultancy in Madrid uzink.

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