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6 Examples of BRANDED CONTENT to inspire you

We have already seen that today the buyer is not only the receiver of information that buys comparing according to their needs. Instead, today the customer is part of the marketing process from the beginning of the journey, emphasizing aspects beyond the benefits of the product. That is why branded content is so important. Today we bring you some examples of branded content to inspire you to create your content.

In this sense, what is known as branded content refers to the marketing techniques and strategies used to convey emotions and improve the user experience when requesting or purchasing brand products. However, this change in focus also suggests a change of ideas to reach the customer without being invasive. But on the contrary, conveying a pleasant idea of ​​what it means to acquire the product.

For this reason, we must make the most of our creativity and generate good ideas in order to achieve the goal. However, if you still do not have clear ideas and you are looking for inspiration for your new branded content strategy, here are some examples of branded content so that you know where to start with this new and innovative project, generating a better relationship with customers.

Ideas and examples of branded content

The first thing you should know is that in order to apply these strategies, you must think of the consumer as an interlocutor or a small influencer. This will transmit the information to other potential customers, as long as the shopping experience has been really pleasant.

This is precisely the idea shown by some big brands that have used these techniques, such as:

Storytelling with Nike

To present the new application for mobile phones, Nike has decided to implement a different strategy than what is customary. It is no longer necessary to present a commercial where the features and benefits of this application are discussed. But now it is important to offer a story that connects with our personal experiences.

In this case, it is inevitable to see the commercial without breaking a smile. Since the strategy has been designed in such a way that potential buyers know the product through experience. And what better way to do it than through a good story.

Two lovers running across the country to meet again, isn't it beautiful? Nike uses universal feelings in its storytelling that move everyone and uses the resource of nike shoes with the only one of the two protagonists who manages to finish the race. This Nike storytelling example shows the three parts that a storytelling should have: beginning, middle and end.

Volkswagen: Memories and Nostalgia

A great way to attract the attention of potential buyers is through memories and nostalgia. There is no better way to identify with something than to bring to the present the memory of something truly representative.

In fact, this is a resource that is commonly used in content marketing. Volkswagen demonstrates this in a perfect narration that brings the story of a past experience to the present. In addition, we all remember this brand of German cars for its durability and its historical origin. So there is no better way to connect with buyers than showing the product from its origins.

Volkswagen examples of branded content

UNICEF: Content Marketing

Organizations like UNICEF have proven to have excellent management of content marketing resources. That is why some NGOs have been considered pioneers in this type of advertising campaign. This is because, not having a specific product to sell, the best way to show your management is through stories that convey sensations to the viewers. They also offer social work and it is easy to contact our target audience.

In this sense, UNICEF is a true example of the creation of real and humanized stories that transmit social injustices to the world. Carrying a message that connects with the audience and that is capable of arousing emotions that sensitize and generate awareness about those problems that occur worldwide but that, by many, are not recognized.

This is an example of examples of branded content and exemplary content marketing. For example, Unicef ​​appeals to the viewer's sensitivity and nostalgia.

Red Bull and its stories

From the beginning, this brand has been characterized as one of those that hardly show the specific characteristics or benefits of the product. But it generates stories that generate very marked emotions. Such as joy, optimism, resistance, among others.
This strategy has undoubtedly generated a great impact for consumers and has set very high standards for the competition. In 2012, with the launch of the Red Bull Stratos campaign, this brand achieved more than 8 million views on live streaming. Not to mention the coverage of more than 40 television channels.

Red Bull Stratos examples of branded content

To close with a flourish, parachutist Feliz Baumgartner was launched at a height of more than 39 meters. What is undoubtedly an excellent representation of adrenaline and energy, which are the main contributions offered by this energy drink.

the lego movies

The next of the examples of branded content are the LEGO movies. Since we were little, we consider that building with Legos allows us to travel to a world of fantasy. This is something that the brand has taken into consideration since its origins in 1932. However, one of the best alternatives that they have been able to opt for is the application of cinematographic resources.

This became evident from the year 2014 when the first release of an animated LEGO movie was made. With the singular characteristic that everything was under the aesthetics of the brand. This has proven to be possibly one of the most creative branded content strategies. Especially if we consider that this first launch was able to raise 470 million dollars.

lego movies branded content

GoPro: A lifestyle

There are other options if you don't want to make an emotional story to connect with your potential buyers. One of the examples of branded content that we cannot ignore is that of GoPro. Considering that this brand decided to focus on showing the benefits of the product as part of a lifestyle.

For this reason, GoPro It is a technology company and emotional stories may not connect with the type of audience. Sharing a lifestyle and denoting the importance of the product within it can be a good alternative.

This shows that, depending on the type of company or brand, the resources used in branded content may vary, in order to use the strategy that best connects with potential customers.

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