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7 Marketing lessons we learn by watching football.

Soccer moves passions around the world. A sport capable of paralyzing a country, uniting people under the same anthem and awakening all kinds of emotions in a single match. Can we learn something from the beautiful game? In uzink, business strategy consultants In Madrid, we want to share 7 marketing lessons we learn from watching football.

The 7 marketing lessons that football teaches us

1. Set a Goal.

All teams go out onto the pitch with one main objective: to score more goals than their opponent. This is your top priority.

The same thing happens in marketing. One of the first marketing lessons we learn is: define clearly and unequivocally the main objective towards which we are going to direct our efforts: sales, loyalty, reputationEtc. ...

2. Define your game strategy.

Behind a great team, there is a great coach with a game strategy.

Your brand also needs a "Del Bosque", a coach capable of design and direct a good marketing strategy make you compete

3. Marketing lesson: Go out to win.

As Aragonés used to say: “Win, win and win again”. In football, attitude is a fundamental issue. When a player comes out determined to win, his performance is higher and the image he projects to his opponent and his followers determines the game scenario.

In marketing the situation is similar. We have to execute our strategy with a leadership attitude. It will be positive for our performance and also for the image that we will project before the competition and the clients.

4. Work as a team.

A team of generous, supportive and united players will make the dream of winning possible.

In business, ditto. Surround yourself with the best professionals, let them shine and, of course, create an environment that favors creativity and collaboration.

5. Learn from every game.

Whether they have won or lost, the good teams rewatch the games to analyze all the plays. 

Do the same in your company. Another of the most important marketing lessons is, precisely, to obtain learning from each action carried out.

6. The best of marketing lessons: Create a hobby.

Why do teams usually win more at home? The fans truly make football possible.

In your business, it is your employees, clients and collaborators who are going to make your brand possible. Involve them, encourage them and make them protagonists of the story.

7. Live it with passion.

The fans always know when a player has to retire. If you lack the excitement, your football is over.

In sports, in life and in business it is exactly the same. Keep your passion alive and get excited every day trying to do different things.

A great season begins.

En Uzink, marketing consultancy in Madrid, we encourage you to put into practice these 7 marketing lessons we learn from football. You can start today and start a great season for your business.

Do you want to keep talking about football marketing?

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