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digital advertising agency

Set your target audience, we reach them.

digital advertising agency
digital advertising agency in madrid

Why do you need a digital advertising agency?

Reaching thousands of people with just hundreds of euros of investment, segmenting to reach only the qualified audience, and the possibility of fully monitoring user behavior on the platform and on your website is what is within reach with a digital advertising agency

Advantages of having a digital advertising agency


The flexibility of making ads according to the characteristics of our target, our resources and business objectives, together with the possibility of complete analytics, are just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits of social networks(Instagram, Analysis o Facebook) with Uzink, a digital advertising agency in Madrid, thanks to digital advertising, we can achieve the following advantages.


Focus by objectives

ad variation

Audience targeting

full tracking

Adaptable budget

Customer Retargeting

These characteristics demonstrate the potential of the digital channel. The possibilities and customization are maximum. Ads are displayed based on target that we mark (conversions, reach…); and the people who see them will fulfill the characteristics of the buyer person that we define There is NO minimum investment, so any company can advertise for a small budget -even €5 a day-, they allow us to do a/b test to test different elements of the ad or functionalities of the web design.

Within advertising on social networks, each network has its analytical platform that allows us to full tracking of any event or behavior that we want to follow and filter the tastes, ages, geographical areas, genders... to reach a target audience more in line with your product. In addition we can make campaigns of remarketing to retain or convince the most indecisive. All this is what a digital advertising agency should cover when establishing its strategy. 


Our strategy in digital advertising


We like to know the business in detail to understand what the client is looking for and what they want to adapt the ads to the most attractive way for them on the one hand and to define the metrics that help us optimize investment.


With all the necessary information, we define the objectives of the campaign and a roadmap based on them and on the means at our disposal.


We segment the public to which we are going to arrive based on the definition of our potential client. We will define the campaign y we design the ads that we are going to start and we prepare the landing where the users who click on the ad will land to achieve the conversions we are looking for.

Analytics and monitoring

Our differentiation is based on going one step above, and we are not satisfied with designing some ads and configuring the campaign. We follow the effects of each ad and landing, and during the weeks following the end of the process we monitor the evolution of the web metrics and carry out actions and changes to be made according to their behavior. Only when the client is satisfied with the results do we terminate our service.

marketing services


In our Marketing consultancy we help you to know your ideal client, what their needs and behavior are, the current situation and expectations of the markets and the competition. All accompanied by strategies and actions.

branding services


There are companies that die and brands that are immortal. Give your business an identity according to its personality and attract the attention of your customers, differentiating yourself from the competition.

e-commerce consulting


We design sales funnels to capture users, convert them into customers and create loyalty campaigns to make them buy again. All this with the minimum investment required by the internet.