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SEO agency in Madrid

Increase your visibility and traffic with our web positioning strategy.

uzink. SEO agency in Madrid.

SEO services

seo services on page madrid

SEO on page

On-page SEO refers to the optimizations that are carried out directly in the content and structure of a web page to improve its visibility in search engines.

Local SEO Services

SEO off page

Off-page SEO focuses on actions taken off the web page to improve its authority and reputation online. 

Technical SEO Agency Madrid

Technical SEO

Technical SEO focuses on optimizing the technical aspects of a website to improve its indexing and performance in search engines.

Specialists in web page development with SEO optimization in Madrid.

At Uzink, we are not only an SEO agency but we are also experts in developing websites with a strong SEO approach. We know that a well-designed and optimized website is the foundation of any successful online strategy.

Our team of web developers in Madrid combine creativity and technical knowledge to create attractive and functional websites that not only captivate visitors, but also rank highly in search engines.

SEO Agency Madrid results

UZINK real client results – Health Sector. 

Blog content creation strategy, structured data, site architecture and optimization of existing content. 

Position your business or company effectively

We understand that online visibility is essential to the success of your business or company in today's digital age. Our focus on web positioning strategies in Madrid is specifically designed to help you achieve your goals. Whether you own a local business or are looking to reach a global audience, our team of SEO experts is ready to boost your online presence and increase your search engine visibility. No matter how competitive your niche is, we are here to make sure your business stands out and attracts potential customers effectively.

UZINK real client results – Medicine Sector 

Content creation strategy, structured data, site architecture.

SEO Consulting

We offer SEO strategy services designed to help you successfully navigate the world of digital marketing. Our SEO agency in Madrid is prepared to analyze, advise and develop specific strategies for your business. Whether you need a complete audit of your website or tips to improve your online ranking, our SEO strategy will provide you with the answers and solutions you need.

Procedure of our agency for SEO projects

In Uzink, SEO agency in Madrid, we divide web positioning projects into two different items: Implementation and recurring tasks. Each of them has its threads and characteristics.

Our SEO procedure. uzink. SEO Agency Madrid.

Implementation of the SEO strategy

In our SEO agency, this phase involves the implementation of the project. This phase is critical and essential for your project to be successful in the long term. This phase takes place at the time of hiring and lasts approximately four weeks.

The implementation phase is made up of the following subphases:

01 Site Audit

We carry out a complete SEO audit of the website to see how it is developed at a structural and content level. We analyse, among other things:

  • Statistics: We analyze the traffic generated so far, as well as the channels from which the traffic arrives. We also value pages that are indexed in the search engine. We use tools like Screaming Frog to have a detailed knowledge of your site.
  • Technology: As an SEO agency, we study your page at a technical level. CMS, templates, plugins you use, optimization,... We usually work with WordPress because we like it, and above all, because Google seems to like it. It is the most widely used CMS in the world. It has some shortcomings (online stores, non-native multilanguage, …), but for SEO it is a good tool to compete in SEO. If you use another technology, we will assess with you whether it is advisable to continue using it or change it.
  • Performance: We analyze the speed of your page and load optimization with tools such as PageSpeed ​​Insights o GTMetrix. We will look for javascript and css bugs that slow down the load.
  • Site structure: Number of pages, quality of content, pages that are positioning in search engines, sitemaps,
  • Contents: We analyze the quality and quantity of content published on your site at the time of the audit. We value possible duplicate or copied content. We also assess whether content has been created with artificial intelligence. We also analyze the distribution of content within the web and internal linking.
  • User experience: We will analyze the user experience on the web and the metrics. We'll try to find out what they like and don't like about your site. We will try to enhance the good and put solutions to the bad.
  • Backlinks and domain authority: We track the links that land on your site, looking for toxic links. We also analyze the authority of your domain and your pages with tools such as Moz.
  • Visibility: We seek your presence, outside of your domain. We analyze if you have a presence in Google business profiles (formerly Google MyBusiness), Yelp, Yellow Pages and any other site that may have relevance to your SEO.
  • Age and quality of your domain: We value the quality of your domain. This can generate a plus of difficulty to compete for the first positions.

We will also be guided by this procedure to benchmark your competitors.

02 SEO competitor benchmark

In addition to conducting an audit of your competitors following the process in the previous point, we will also analyze the following:

  • Profiles, size and estimation of resources: We look at how complicated it is to compete in your sector. We value the difficulty and traffic of the keywords where they compete, in order to define a strategy for your brand. We also analyze whether, financially, it is viable for you to go to "war" with them or not.

03 Keyword study

At this point we will look for the keywords for which we are going to compete, based on:

  • Traffic volume: You have to know that although a very high volume may seem attractive, it is difficult to access the top positions of those keywords, especially if your site does not have a relevant SEO history.
  • Keywords difficulty: We have tools like SEMRush o Sistrix, which analyze the difficulty of competing in certain keywords. This will be decisive to select where to compete. Often, many clients are not interested in the most competitive keywords because they target smaller niches. In these cases, the success rate increases considerably.

04 Web architecture design

At this point, the team of our SEO agency creates a basic content structure, based on your activity and the selected keywords, and we analyze how to distribute this content on your website. We try to make it simple and understandable for users and search engines.

Typically, we create a content tree with a mind mapping program, such as MindNode Pro, or process map, such as Microsoft Visio (are Microsoft Authorized Reseller).

05 SEO content creation

We create the contents for each of the pages raised in the previous point. We seek to maintain a homogeneous structure that adds value. We are guided by WordPress plugins such as RankMath or YoastSeo to facilitate the task of generating content.

It must be taken into account that these programs facilitate the work of creating SEO content, but they are not infallible... and many times you can fall into over-optimization, something that is penalized by search engines.

    06 Profile configuration

    In this phase, we configure profiles to track metrics on an ongoing basis. In this case, our SEO agency uses the following platforms:


    • SEMRush. We load the keywords and competitors to track. This platform will give us an analytical vision of how we are and how we are evolving compared to competitors. SEMRush makes an interpretation of the search and visibility data.
    • Google Search Console For us it is the most reliable platform regarding SEO traffic. This platform will also notify us of possible errors on the website and will help us understand the behavior of users.
    • Google Analytics it will also give us a view of domain traffic, and not just SEO. It will help us understand the flow of users, within the page, the different channels for capturing traffic, etc...

    Recurring tasks in our SEO agency

    The following tasks are those that we carry out month by month. We will focus on generating content based on the initial study of keywords, creating multimedia content, measuring and optimizing the static content published on the page:

    01 Creation of articles for the blog

    SEO specialists will use the initial study of keywords to find out the interests of users. In addition, we will try to support the main keywords with variations, through links that land on static pages.

    02 Design of multimedia material

    We create multimedia material that facilitates the rise to the top positions, and that allows us to position ourselves in other places, such as in the image section of Google.

      03 Static content optimization

      SEO experts will analyze, month by month, which content can be improved. We will create new content and optimize what we already have, based on the analytics we obtain.

      04 Analytics and monitoring

      Measure, measure and measure. We analyze the results of everything we do. We change what doesn't work and improve what does. We do not have the magic wand of SEO. We only work and generate knowledge of what we do. We learn from what we do well, and more from what we have done wrong. After the analysis and monitoring phase, we return to point 01.

      If you have any questions or want to tell us about your project, contact with our SEO agency.

        Why hire our SEO agency?

        We create strategies to increase your visibility in search engines. We audit your page, we strive to understand your business to your potential audience, we analyze the searches of your potential customers to try to put you on their way organically. Below you will see all the steps we follow to try to position your project in the top positions of the search engines. Welcome to Uzink. Your SEO agency in Madrid.

        Visibility for your business

        Every minute, 4 million people do a search on Google, how many of those will refer to your product? As you can see, it is a showcase that should not be missed with the current competition.

        trust and fidelity

        Many searches respond to the first stage of the customer journey of the client and if he knows your website in this information phase, it will generate confidence and make it easier for him to remember your brand in the final phase of the purchase.

        credibility and brand

        70% of searches end up in one of the first three results, as users trust Google's classification. If your target audience repeatedly sees your website in the first results, they will unconsciously generate brand recognition.

        If you have a project, contact us. We will help you: