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Analysis: The relationship between marketing and virtual reality

We may be talking about the great technological trend of the year. That's why, en uzink, we want to analyze the role of marketing in virtual reality. We are facing a new device that will modify the behavior of our public. And it is that virtual reality glasses are used for much more than playing. The applications linked to health, culture, education and business environments are endless. Some companies have already taken their first steps with virtual reality and many others are preparing for it. What should we know?

What will be the role of marketing in virtual reality?

The truth is that the video game industry is one of the great protagonists and will fundamentally connect with the younger audience. In this context, the advertising placement will be one of the easiest options for many brands as it has been in video games. But the thing does not end here.

Companies are understanding that the role of marketing in virtual reality can (and should) be more ambitious. The creation of your own applications allows you to generate unique experiences for the user. A new way of providing content and value to the consumer. Let's imagine… From a 360º guide to a virtual supermarket. Here, we will only find a limit: the creative capacity.

Corporate applications for virtual reality

At Uzink we have selected some examples to show what the role of marketing will be like in the virtual reality.

Toyota uses virtual reality in its latest advertising campaign

Toyota has built its latest campaign from a virtual reality experience. The video shows how some drivers face unappetizing situations to transmit their differential value: reliability. But the automotive brands are working on other applications such as driving simulators and car configurators so that each client can personalize it virtually.

The North Face, a good example of a free experience

Example of marketing in virtual reality

Virtual reality glasses are great for easily transporting the user to other places. The sports brand The North Face has been one of the pioneers, allowing the user to download its application for free and pretend to be climbing in distant places. A type of application which has a great tour for tourism promotion.

Tommy Hilfiger create an app for your stores

Example of marketing in virtual reality

The fashion sector is looking for meaning in virtual reality. Tommy Hilfiger invited its customers to enjoy a virtual reality experience in its stores in New York, London or Amsterdam. Through this application, customers moved to their last parade.

These examples are just the tip of a huge iceberg that we have to discover together. Because the role of marketing in virtual reality depends on our ability to create experiences and add value.

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