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Offline apocalypse? We analyze the end of the offline business

The apocalypse of offline business?

It is undeniable that the growth E-commerce is unstoppable and that the Internet represents an infinite world of opportunities. For this reason, offline businesses, with physical points of sale, need to reinvent themselves and use strategy and creativity to reactivate their businesses. From Uzink, marketing consultants, we want to share some practical advice for all those companies and entrepreneurs who still think that the physical, what can be touched, still has a future. Has the end of offline business come?

Has the apocalypse come? The end of offline business

It is true that the scenario is not encouraging. From the United States, where everything happens first, we get devastating images of abandoned shopping malls. With this image in mind… What should we do to avoid reaching the same situation?

Revitalize offline businesses in 3 steps

It doesn't matter if our offline business is focused on selling fashion, restaurants or services like hotels. The really important thing is build intangible reasons for our audience to move and come visit us. If we don't do this, we can only wait for the end of the offline business to sweep us away sooner or later.

we leave two examples of how to revitalize well-known and quite illustrative offline businesses. On the one hand, Abercrombie and its models taken from the catalog that receive the client. And, on the other hand, let us mention Ikea. Your product display contextualized in different environments is something like entering a beautiful neighbor's house. But there is more: events have increasingly become the most successful formula for attracting new visitors.

  • be willing to innovate

Thinking that technology is only at the service of online businesses is a big mistake. Offline businesses have to know how to take advantage of it and they also have to be open-minded enough to make the twists and turns that the market demands.

Media Markt, with offline and online sales, has launched the Stop and Go service aimed at customers making purchases online but picking up the product at their nearest store within 2 hours. But the Internet is not only used for direct sales. More and more companies choose to convert their loyalty programs in a mobile application that offers other complementary services to the client. Now it's time to think: how can technological innovation improve your business?

  • Invest in image and communication…

Offline businesses often forget to take care of their online image, ignoring that Internet is today its great showcase. A quality, authentic and own design, together with an effective content marketing strategy, will help to make the results positive.

At Uzink we continue to believe that offline businesses have a great future and we help companies and entrepreneurs to achieve it. Join the digital era with Uzink and together we will design the strategy so that you are prepared if the end of the offline business really comes.

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