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Branding for employees: your best ambassadors

Branding for employees: your best ambassadors

There is no good strategy that does not involve the workers of your company. That's why at Uzink, as expert branding consultant based in Madrid, We analyze the importance of branding for employees and how to turn them into the best ambassadors of your brand.

It is not just about avoiding the brain drain, but about offering the best experience to your clients. Employee branding should be the first of the strategic lines of action that any company, regardless of its size, should develop. Still not working it? Here are some tips that you can put into practice starting tomorrow.

Branding for employees: encourage pride of belonging

Traditionally, most companies create a visual identity, strategic positioning and storytelling aimed exclusively at customers. But, How much do workers know about the brand? Sharing the corporate culture with your workers is much easier than it seems. And, although it is understood as something obvious, those responsible for human resources must be involved from the outset. An employee branding strategy must start from the very selection process.

At Uzink we recommend drawing up a plan that includes from welcome actions to training sessions, regular communication, events and teambuilding dynamics in the annual calendar. This strategy will not only increase group skills, commitment and motivation, but it will also make employees the first to know about the brand and know how to communicate it effectively to the end customer.

There are many resources at our disposal to make the strategy tangible. We talk about videos, internal magazines and posters, gifts and corporate material, a web portal or mobile application for the employee. Technology has become a key tool, especially in the context of the pandemic we are currently experiencing. That's why, the current trend speaks of creating virtual work environments where, in addition to facilitating remote work, interaction, communication and well-being are encouraged, through initiatives that include a concept of gamification.

The importance of employees in the results of a company is such that many companies have decided to go one step further. Companies with Balay o L'Oréal they have made them the protagonists of their advertising campaigns.

Branding for employees: make them protagonists

Would you like to develop a branding action plan for employees in your company? contact us and a Uzink consultant will help you to create the best brand relationship with your employees.

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