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Branding for seniors: we are getting older!

branding for seniors

Longevity increases and brands know it very well. Therefore, from our consultant in Madrid We want to talk to you about Branding for seniors. It is estimated that in 2025, 37% of the population will be over 55 years old and will account for 40% of spending. What should we consider? Knowing the behavior, needs and opportunities of this public is decisive. Ready to grow?

Radiography of the senior public in Spain

We speak of a social group, normally from the age of 55, which is in early retirement or retirement. A large majority adopts the role of grandfather, and far from the image we had a few years ago of old age, now it is an active and connected public. In fact, 4 out of 10 households who shopped online for the first time during the first lockdown of the pandemic were over 54 years old (Nielsen data). In addition, we know that 35% of adults over 65 years of age regularly use social networks (data from Pew Research).

Without forgetting that there is a gap in purchasing power and in the type of leisure, the truth is that the elderly are a target on which many brands should concentrate their efforts. Especially those that offer products and services related to health, wellness, food, insurance, technology or leisure.

Branding for seniors: basic principles.

There is a series of general tips for both start-ups and existing brands that want to focus on the older ones.

- Simplicity and clarity in design, messages and creativity. Although this principle is universal, if we want to work on effective branding for seniors, we must go the extra mile to ensure readability and understanding.

– In the case of physical products, packaging is important. The senior public opts for small and manageable formats.

- Communication protagonists. It is traditionally customary to use models of a younger age than the public we are targeting. However, the trend of branding for seniors (every day more companies put it into practice) show people with a similar age to theirs. We should not look for the aspirational part in the desire for youth, but rather in that of a desirable lifestyle for them.

– Connected to the Internet. Senior audiences use the same technology as young people. Smartphones are the main means of connection to the Internet. Nevertheless, simplifying processes is key to facilitating your relationship with our online brand. In addition, it is recommended to complete the communication in traditional media. Techniques such as direct postal marketing or advertising in conventional media should not be alien to our strategy.

- Promotes your independence. Any brand that wants to connect with seniors must ensure that their product or service is designed so that they can use it without relying on third parties. Make them not have to ask their children or their environment for help to consume your brand.

Branding for seniors is already a category of its own and in uzink We help you design the best strategy to be by your side. We grow older with them.

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