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Change business strategy. Where to start?

Key issues to change your business strategy

The business world is like a world of doors. Sometimes it seems that all options are closed and we continually find ourselves at a dead end. Nevertheless, if you are willing to change your business strategy, you will see how new doors will open before you that will represent great opportunities for your company. How to do it? At Uzink, experts in strategic consultancy in Madrid, we wanted to prepare this article to invite you to reflect on some key issues.

Questions before changing the business strategy

Try to answer clearly and, as far as possible, with supporting data...

1. What is the best-selling product or service in the last year? Has it changed in recent times?

2. What other applications could your product or service have?

3. What has been the latest novelty you have launched on the market?

4. How has your client's profile evolved? Are there new audiences interested in your activity? Who are they?

5. Can you sell the same in other places? Could you share your experience in other countries? What is your strategy on the Internet?

6. How could you improve your production model? Need an update?

7. How many times have you reviewed your business strategy?

8. Have you ever thought about customer service?

9. Have you incorporated any technological innovation into your company in recent years?

10. What is your corporate social responsibility model?

11. Can you create alliances with other companies and suppliers to improve?

12. What real knowledge does your brand have in the market? Does your audience know her? How do you value it?

Ready to change your company's business strategy?

We are sure that you will have quickly found several points of improvement. In fact, If this questionnaire has served to motivate you and launch new initiatives, we are satisfied.

Indeed, analyzing our own company is the first step. A phase in which uzink collaborates with companies to later carry out a much broader analysis (of the market, competition and trend), which gives as a result what we are looking for. New doors. New keys.

Want to know more? If you need it, we continue talking with you and help you change your business strategy.

If you have a project, contact us. We will help you: