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Acquisition of new clients

To overcome, with flying colors, the great pending subject of your company.

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Acquisition of new clients: You can have the best product, the best service, the best professional team... You can have everything to succeed, but if you don't have clients... there is no business!  Probably attracting new clients is the issue that steals the most hours of work (and sleep) from entrepreneurs. A pending subject for many managers who cannot overcome it because they do not have the necessary professional advice. Until now!

You have just found a team specialized in attracting new clients that will definitely help you boost your business. Do you want to take your entrepreneurial talent further? reach your authentic target? Convert interest to sales? At Uzink, with our own methodology, we have achieved positive results with 100% of our clients. With our support, more than a hundred companies have managed to pass, with flying colors, the great pending subject of their company: to get more and better clients.

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Find out where you are failing to attract new customers

Clients don't come alone. You can sell fresh water in the middle of the desert or umbrellas in the middle of the Amazon. If you are not addressing the right audience, in the right way and at the right time, you will be with the best sports car in the world, without fuel, 100 kilometers from a gas station.


  • Does your company have a defined business strategy?
  • Do you have an action plan to attract new customers?
  • Do you really know your target audience? And to the markets in which you are operating?
  • have you developed marketing actions Continuously?
  • Have the channels used been the ones indicated?

Segmentation for success in attracting new customers. Why does the Uzink methodology work?


Many consider attracting new clients as an art or as a gift that only a privileged few possess. However, in uzink We have managed to define our own methodology for attracting new clients that has worked successfully in traditional and online companies, from different sectors of activity and with a presence in different markets. How do we do it?

  • We identify the main value propositions. We look for the most valued aspects of your company to differentiate you and prevent you from having to enter into a price war.
  • We uncover the desires of the market. We carry out a study to find out if your products and services meet the real needs of the market and we provide the necessary modifications to achieve it.
  • We place your company in its rightful place. We work on segmentation, we establish psychological and sociodemographic profiles and we create direct marketing channels for your client.
  • We design, execute and value the most appropriate strategy. We create a strategy to respond in the medium and long term, including the necessary measurement tools to know what works, what needs to be corrected and what new opportunities are being created.

The only thing you need to create an outstanding company…

En uzink We think that we leave the best art to the painters and the acquisition of new clients to the specialists. Because in the same way that you entrust financial or human resources management to specialized companies, The time has come to entrust the acquisition of new clients to expert professionals.

Acquisition of new clients, according to uzink.

Attracting new customers is one of the most common problems for companies in the XNUMXst century. And it is something strange, because there has never been so much information or so easy to reach the desired customers, thanks, especially, to technology and the ease of accessing information. The difficulty in attracting new customers can be due to multiple reasons:

  • Lack of digital workplace strategy: The company is not clear about its identity, its competitive capabilities or its differential values. Generally, they are unprofessionalized companies that have emerged from a specific opportunity.
  • Lack of marketing and sales actions: The company is clear about its position, but lacks the vision or resources to carry out marketing actions on an ongoing basis.
  • Lack of perseverance in the actions mentioned above: The company has carried out specific marketing actions, but they abandoned them due to lack of resources or lack of short-term return.
  • Orientation to the wrong public: The company tries to compete in saturated markets without a specific and differentiated strategy, or tries to sell a product for an unreal need for the defined public.
  • Incorrect orientation of marketing tactics, regarding the target audience: Generally due to lack of knowledge, the company tries to reach the target audience through incorrect channels, wasting time and money on it.


What can Uzink do to attract new customers?

One of the key points of the strategy of attracting new customers of Uzink is the segmentation of these. We make an exhaustive differentiation of each type of client based on psychological and sociodemographic aspects.
From here, and in line with the type of products and/or services to be marketed, we create strategies to effectively reach each type of customer, through various channels.

We create exhaustive measurement analytics to specifically know the channels that work best to increase the sales force in them, and seek solutions and improvements to less effective channels.

What does our strategy for attracting new customers consist of?

Uzink adapts its marketing strategy and attracting new clients to the particularities of each client. That said, there is a basic pattern that we go by, which is as follows:

  • Identification of customer value propositions: We look for the most valued aspects of your products by the market. The objective of this is to find arguments to differentiate yourself from the competition, and avoid having to enter into a price war.
  • Identification of market needs and wants: We carry out a study of the real and specific needs of the market, and we assess whether your products are aligned with them. If not, we make changes to your product or the way it is presented to customers.
  • Customer segmentation: As we mentioned in the previous section, we establish psychological and sociodemographic profiles and create marketing channels according to these profiles. We place you where the client would like to find you.
  • Improve sales and marketing material to increase the effectiveness of your sales team. We have detected that, often, the tools available to salespeople are deficient or not correctly oriented. Working with these materials improves conversion.
  • Creation of a continuous communication strategy: We create a medium and long-term plan that guarantees your visibility in front of your potential clients. We establish measurement tools that allow us to know what works (to persevere) and what does not work (to pivot).

If you have questions or want us to expand the information about our new customer acquisition strategy, contact us.