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How to make an international marketing plan for an exportable product

Is your brand ready to go outside of Spain? We need an international marketing plan for an exportable product. In uzinkAs marketing consultants, we advise SMEs and franchises that have decided to make the leap to new markets. Therefore, we share some marketing keys to export successfully. What basic questions should you ask yourself?

It's my international name

The first big question… Can your brand name operate abroad? We want an international marketing plan for an exportable product quickly and easily. But is our brand ready? We start with one of the most delicate marketing keys to successfully export. Surely you have registered in Spain both your brand name and that of your products. Nevertheless, Can you operate with that naming outside the national territory? The answer is negative. The first step will be to register your brand in those countries in which you wish to operate.

But in addition to a legal requirement, there are other linguistic and cultural connotations to take into account. What does your name mean in another language? Does it have negative connotations? A prior analysis of these issues will allow decisions to be made. And, if the situation requires it, change the corporate identity and the set of commercial communication to be able to adapt the strategy to each place.

Rethink the 4 P's of Marketing

Experience is a degree. However, everything that has worked in Spain may have to be reviewed for another country. There are many cultural and social factors that can affect your strategy. It's time to rethink the famous 4 Ps of marketing: product, price, point of sale and promotion.

Start thinking global

It is not difficult to devise an international marketing plan for an exportable product, but you must be prepared. Going out to sell to other countries, whether physically or online, requires any brand to start thinking differently and develop a more ambitious marketing strategy. The term overall It helps us explain another of the marketing keys to exporting successfully.

Your marketing plan should now have a clearly global, coherent and flexible vision. And he has to be accompanied by a regional action plan that knows, with innovation, to adapt to the peculiarities of each region.

And now… do you want to take the leap?

At Uzink we help entrepreneurs and SMEs to unravel the marketing keys to successfully export with your business or ecommerce. Do you want to continue the conversation?

If you have a project, contact us. We will help you: