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Keys to the success of Black Friday in Spain

Black Friday has grown like foam. In just 5 years it has become the most important promotional date on the calendar. In many sectors, Black Friday has even more commercial force than the sales period. But how did Black Friday come to Spain? Why has it succeeded so quickly? The Uzink team, specialized in marketing consulting, analyzes the keys to the success of Black Friday.

How was Black Friday born?

The tradition of Black Friday begins in the United States in the 60s. To understand it better, we must place ourselves in the American context. Black Friday is celebrated on the fourth Friday of November, after Thanksgiving.

The businesses accumulated several weeks in negative figures until the arrival of this day in which the sales trend changed from “red” to “black”. Encouraged with discounts and promotions, Black Friday managed to position itself as the commercial date that kicked off the Christmas campaign.

How did Black Friday come to Spain?

Although already in 2010 Apple internationalized Black Friday in its E-commerce (also in the Spanish market) we had to wait until 2012. This year the sales periods were liberalized and the main brands began to join the discount party. In its first editions, the celebration of Black Friday was practically associated with the technology sector. However, very quickly, other sectors, in need of a sales boost, joined the event. Specific, In 2015, the Inditex group joined Black Friday with offers.

Why has it succeeded so quickly?

Analyzing the success of Black Friday, marketing consultants also draw interesting conclusions when defining a commercial action. Why did he win so quickly?

  • The economic situation. Black Friday arrived in a Spain shaken by the economic crisis. Brands needed to encourage consumption. Consumers, get offers and discounts for Christmas gifts.
  • The date. Traditionally, the month of November has always suffered in sales due to the proximity of the Christmas campaign. Most consumers left purchases for December.
  • The business concept. Black Friday is a broad promotional concept that allows very different sectors to develop price action under this idea.
  • Limited duration in time. The feeling of "opportunity", in addition to the discounts, is accelerated by the few hours that the event lasts.
  • The push of the big brands. Giants of electronic and traditional commerce such as The Amazon, Media Markt o Zara They have been the anchor for this commercial date to be consolidated in the calendar.

Nowadays nobody questions the success of Black Friday in Spain. Nor can we deny the change in consumer behavior. The customer now looks for offers, discounts and promotions in practically all sectors. And it is that defining a differentiating promotional strategy has become a vital issue for all businesses. Do we do Black Friday?

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