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Examples of Co-Marketing and Co-Branding: the perfect tandem between two brands.

Co-Marketing and Co-Branding: the perfect tandem between two brands.

When two brands come together, magic can happen. Co-marketing and co-branding actions allow us to create synergies to increase visibility, reach new audiences, reinforce strategic values ​​and, of course, optimize investment. Both actions have many advantages. However, we must fully understand its meaning as well as the keys to creating truly successful alliances. from the blog of Uzink, marketing consultants y branding agency, We analyze the differences through practical cases and show examples of co-marketing and co-branding.

Differences between co marketing and co branding: it is not the same.

Although both concepts refer to the collaboration agreement between two brands, there is a fundamental difference. With a co-branding action Two companies come together to create a new product or service. On the other hand, in a co-marketing action, the union of the brands is limited to a promotional action.

Examples of co-branding

In the food industry it is a common strategy that results in the launch of new products. For example, the Philadelphia cream cheese with Milka or Danet custard with Chips Ahoy.

Co-Branding Example

The world of fashion it also gives us numerous agreements. A recent example is the alliance between Berska and Reebok to create a new sports line. Fashion co-branding is very common.

Co-Branding Example

Examples of co-marketing

We can find a wide variety of co-marketing initiatives at events, advertising campaigns, actions at the point of sale and, of course, on the Internet.

The Summer Expedition by Stradivarius and Vueling. The two brands came together this summer to create a original action aimed at bloggers influential. On an exclusive flight to Taormina, the guests were able to attend an original parade on the plane itself.

Co-Marketing Example

Starbucks and Spotify have signed in 2015 a collaboration agreement.
Spotify plays in coffee shops in the United States. Employees of the network receive a Premium subscription, while Spotify subscriber customers can qualify for different rewards.

Co-Marketing Example

Who can your brand partner with?

An action of co-marketing and co-branding can be very beneficial, but also harmful. That's why, Choosing the perfect company is probably the most complex strategic decision.

In the first place, we must define what objectives we want to achieve and, then, analyze which company we can unite with to add notoriety without devaluing our image and brand values.

En uzink We believe that this type of alliance can be a very profitable tandem for brands. We will continue to share other examples that inspire us and, of course, if you know more case studies on co-marketing and co-branding, we invite you to share. See you soon!

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