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How to adapt your marketing strategy in summer?

How to adapt your marketing strategy in summer?

It seems that the world stops. However, summer offers your brand new opportunities. Do you want to take advantage of them? In Uzink, your marketing consultancy in Madrid, we help you adapt your marketing strategy in summer to keep your brand alive and achieve the best results.

An extra planning

At the operational level, work must be done in advance. When summer arrives, both your company and your collaborators and suppliers usually have longer vacation periods. That's why, it is convenient to schedule all the objectives, actions and the responsible chain of command in advance. This extra planning will be the main key to success to adapt your marketing strategy in summer.

Improve communication on social media

As you could imagine, social networks do not rest in summer. Others studies They have analyzed it. 61% of those surveyed maintain the activity, 24% claim to increase their connection, while only 15% say they disconnect. So how do you adapt your summer social media marketing strategy? Although each business is a world, there are common rules for all:

  • Check the tone, schedule and dynamics of your publications to adapt them to the summer season.
  • Take the opportunity to connect with new audiences who in summer may be more willing to know more about your product or service.
  • Refresh the design of your publications: outdoor photos, more casual, videos that encourage moods...

More than discounts

It seems that the only commercial period of the summer is the Sale. However, summer is the perfect time to create promotions, linked to contests and raffles, that allow you to increase the database. But there is more. Remember that the consumer behavior it changes in summer and is much more willing to make impulse purchases than the rest of the year. What action do you think can work?

Your brand goes out

From street marketing actions to promotional initiatives in public spaces. Summer is the best time to connect with your audience and make them live a different brand experience. Think that it is a period in which the population enjoys much more time on the street and, in a large majority, they are more relaxed and receptive to certain marketing actions. There are numerous opportunities especially in tourist areas, commercial and recreational spaces and also linked to the celebration of festivals and leisure events.

merchandising in summer

We humans love gifts. And summer probably offers us one of the widest ranges of corporate gifts to personalize. At Uzink we have the world's largest catalog to find the best one for your brand. From luggage tags with a fun design, beach games, water bottles to even sunglasses.

Although the well-deserved vacations come to you this summer, remember that your brand cannot close. Plan ahead and contact us if you want more help adapting your summer marketing strategy.

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