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How will 5G change your marketing strategy?

Everything indicates that it will be a great technological revolution, but… how will 5G change your marketing strategy? At Uzink we wanted to analyze the main impacts of 5G. For this reason, from our marketing consultancy, we share the new opportunities it represents for companies. Definitely, we will have to be faster, more creative and more analytical.

The current state of marketing and 5G

So far we know two basic things. With the arrival of 5G the connection speed will increase exponentially. And on the other hand, la latency, or the waiting time in loading content, will be practically minimal. The question is: When will it actually reach users? Although the first 5G networks are already being launched, it will not be until 2024 when users have it at full capacity. There is time to prepare. But you have to start now.

Marketing impacts of 5G

More Virtual and Augmented Reality.

5G connectivity will make augmented and virtual reality experiences are of high quality and fully immersive. Without a doubt, at the marketing level, it will represent a great opportunity and will change the way we buy and serve our customers. From augmented purchases in which we can obtain information on hundreds of items at the point of sale, to virtual assistants that will guide the customer in real time.

IoT: Internet of Things

Latency will be minimal and this will represent the big push that the Internet of Things needs. This means that connected devices will multiply and, therefore, business and communication opportunities. The generation of data will be so great that, if well managed, it will offer us a portrait of our potential clients so faithful that it will allow us to be more effective than ever.

Streaming and audiovisual content

Audiovisual content will gain weight. For the ease and speed of downloading in a matter of seconds and for the ease of streaming. Knowing how to take advantage of 5G connectivity to create new connection opportunities with customers will be in our creativity.

The arrival of 5G will move everyone in the sector (marketers, technology companies, agencies and media) forward. For now, let's start putting a budget line in our annual plans. And, before long, we will see that 5G will also be a revolution in marketing.

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