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How to create attractive promotions for your business

How to create attractive promotions

October 31 is World Savings Day, a key date that invites us to reflect on the importance of designing a good promotional strategy for our business. The saving factor has penetrated very strongly in the mind of the consumer and has done so for different reasons. In addition to the economic situation, we find a greater sensitivity towards responsible consumption and environmental protection. That's why, from our blog marketing consulting, we want to share how to design a promotion, but above all, how to create attractive promotions that meet the objectives without devaluing the positioning of your brand. Let's go for it!

How to create attractive promotions: first steps to design a promotion that works

Define your goals clearly.

To create attractive and effective promotions we have to previously set the objectives that we want to achieve in the short and medium term.

  • We want attract more customers?
  • Are we going to introduce ourselves to a new geographic market?
  • Are we going to promote a new product or service?
  • Do we focus on a loyalty action?
  • Do we need to solve off-peak hours and seasons?

From here, knowing in depth the characteristics of the company, its public, competition and trends in the sector, we can design a promotional campaign focused on results.

Plan ahead. Don't be carried away by necessity.

In many cases, companies are "forced" to carry out promotions on the fly in the face of a drop in sales or loss of customers. Those kinds of promotions can hopefully save the month. However, they are not solving the problem in the medium term. Like any medicine, promotions have contraindications that must be read and analyzed very well before taking them. For this reason, it is worth stopping for a moment, reflecting and finding the perfect partner to help you design a medium-term plan.

Lowering prices without justification, using online discount platforms or basing our communication on offers without criteria can give us a very expensive bill.

Good ideas to create attractive promotions.

En uzink We are committed to creativity and innovation. And, although there are indeed models for consolidated offers and promotions that work and that we can adopt, the ideal is to create our own path. We must dress our promotional strategy with a style that adds value.

In the examples that we leave you below you will not find any 3 × 2, neither bring a friend for free ni win a trip to the Caribbean. We want to invite you to rethink to go further.

Ikea: “First we design the price tag”.

Ikea is one of the best examples to illustrate how a company can base its strategy on price, creating a unique philosophy around it that connects with its public. We leave you a video about his “Democratic Design”.

Primark opens its second largest store in the world in Madrid.

Another of the reference brands positioned by price has recently left us a great example. The expectation generated by the opening of the second largest store in the world in Madrid has not only generated queues for 4 days, but has added value and experience to the brand.

The Nescafé salary, a classic that is still valid.

Nescafé could have chosen many of the existing food offer formats. However, the Nescafé salary marked a before and after in customer acquisition and loyalty strategies. Is there anything that generates more interest in your brand than changing someone's life?

Beyond the pure offer, there are other ways to create attractive promotions that arouse the interest of customers in your brand. After seeing these examples, do you agree with us?

If you have a project, contact us. We will help you: