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How to create a digital brand: 3 design tips

Every day there are more companies born for and by the digital world. It is also true that more and more businesses need to adapt their image to the online environment. How to do it? From Uzink, branding experts, we share keys to create a digital brand 100% prepared to compete.

Tips for creating a digital brand

Creating a digital brand implies an important research work and preliminary analysis that as a consultant we always do. However, when we want to focus on creating the visual part, there is 3 basic and definitive tips.

Create a Memorable Naming

Creating a memorable naming for a digital brand requires a combination of creativity and strategy. In the past, the main challenge was ensuring its viability for registration. However, today, we also need to ensure that the name is available and has a positive reputation in the vast universe of the Internet, including domains, social media accounts and e-commerce platforms. Other aspects that you should take into account when creating the naming of your company:

  • Easy to remember: A memorable name is essential for customers to retain it in their minds and associate it with the brand.
  • Easy to Pronounce: A name that can be easily pronounced facilitates verbal communication and helps spread the brand by word of mouth.
  • Storytelling: A good naming can tell a story or transmit the values ​​and identity of the brand, generating an emotional connection with customers.
  • Internationalization: If the digital brand has a global projection, it is necessary to consider if the name has a problematic meaning or pronunciation in other languages ​​or cultures.
  • Relevance: The name must be relevant to the industry or sector in which the brand operates, so that it reflects its purpose and positioning.
  • Uniqueness: It is important that the name is unique and not confused with other existing brands to avoid legal problems and confusion in the market.
  • Domain availability: Before creating a digital brand, it is essential to verify the availability of the domain corresponding to the name to ensure a consistent online presence.
  • Social Media Availability: Checking name availability on major social media ensures a consistent online presence and avoids confusion with other brands.

Design a versatile brand identity for your business

When creating a digital brand, it is crucial that it is prepared to adapt to various spaces and formats. From the header of a website to the small profile image on social networks, going through different sizes that range from large screens to smartwatches and mobile phones. How to achieve it? The team of uzink branding recommends you design a brand identity that incorporates versatile elements such as the isotype, the logo and the imagotype.

The isotype, in particular, is a simple and conceptual icon that identifies many well-known companies around the world. An example of this is the apple from Apple or the "M" from McDonald's. By including an isotype in your identity when creating a digital brand, you can create a distinctive and recognizable visual element that easily adapts to different contexts and digital platforms.

How to create a digital brand. Difference between logo, isotype and imagotype

It is not just about having a good logo, but about designing a complete brand identity that is flexible and scalable. In this way, you will be able to maintain visual coherence and effectively convey the values ​​and personality of your brand in all interactions with the public, regardless of the size or format of the space in which it is presented.

Colors in RGB

In the offline era, logos used to be designed for application on white backgrounds as the main setting. However, in the online world, color takes center stage and our brand may need to adapt to different colored backgrounds. In addition, another substantial change in relation to color refers to the coding system used. Whereas previously a Pantone and a version CMYKAt present, it is crucial to pay special attention to the RGB version to ensure the best quality on screens when creating a digital brand.

In the digital environment, where display devices such as monitors and mobile devices use light to display colors, the RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) format is essential. This coding system ensures that colors are displayed accurately and vibrantly on screens. When designing or adapting your logo and color palette for the online presence, it is important to consider the RGB version as the most relevant and careful.

Many Little things that make a difference when creating a digital brand. What other aspects should you take into account? Can contact a consultant now of Uzink and request a proposal.

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