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How to create a digital brand: 3 design tips

Every day there are more companies born for and by the digital world. It is also true that more and more businesses need to adapt their image to the online environment. How to do it? From Uzink, branding experts, we share keys to create a digital brand 100% prepared to compete.

Tips for creating a digital brand

Devising a digital brand implies an important research work and preliminary analysis that as a consultant we always do. However, when we want to focus on creating the visual part, there is 3 basic and definitive tips.

singular naming

Creating a good naming has always required large doses of creativity and strategy. Doing it with a purely digital brand in mind complicates the task. Until a few years ago, the first procedure was to confirm its viability for registration. However, now we must ensure its real availability and reputation in the Internet universe (domains, accounts on social networks, on ecommerce platforms…).

Design an isotype for your brand

A digital brand has to be prepared to adapt to multiple spaces. From the header of the website to the small profile image on social networks. Also in many sizes. From large screens to smartwatches or mobile phones. What to do then? The Uzink branding team recommends designing a brand that includes a isotype. We refer to the icon that identifies many companies, simple and conceptual. This is the case of the apple of Apple or the M of McDonald's.

Colors in RGB

In the offline era, the main application of a logo used to be on a white background. However, in the online world, color is the protagonist and, probably, our brand has to be applied on colored backgrounds. Another of the substantial changes related to color is the main code used. If traditionally a Pantone and a CMYK version were chosen, now the RGB version for the screens must be the most careful.

There are many small details that make the difference when creating a digital brand. What other aspects should you take into account? You may contact a consultant now of Uzink and request a proposal.

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