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What should be the best design for online advertising?

How should be the best design for online advertising

It is a fact. Internet has become the main advertising channel for companies and, in particular, mobile marketing becomes king. That's why, the Uzink Digital Advertising team answers: how should the best design for online advertising be?


Every day the number of users who browse through their mobile devices grows. The percentage may vary depending on the sector, but in many cases (according to real data from the websites we manage) it can exceed the barrier of 80% of total navigation. Therefore, we must take extreme care of our designs to adjust to the display on mobile devices and the behavior of our potential customers.

Types of online advertising

There are many supports available to companies. In addition to the campaigns SEM at Google, the Uzink Digital Advertising team wanted to select some of the most interesting options in which the image and the message must be very elaborate.

  • E-mail marketing.
  • Advertising on Social Networks and video platforms such as YouTube.
  • Advertising on the Google Display Network.
  • Advertising in online media and third-party websites.

Keys to create the best design for online advertising

Before we start designing, we must devise an advertising creativity that responds to the objectives. Once created, it will be necessary to design and make the adaptations. Although each of them must adapt to their measurements and understand the channel and the public, there are a series of tips that are common denominator for all:

  1. Get to the point in the message. It is important to try to create short messages that are easy to read and that invite action, click, request more information. Never lose originality.
  2. Use images and graphic resources with good quality that are well understood even in the smallest formats.
  3. Make sure your brand name is well represented. Every day more brands are working on an adaptation of their logo for the most compact and easy to adapt online universe.
  4. Measure and make decisions. The best design for online advertising is the one that gives us the best results. The great advantage of digital advertising is that we can measure it in real time and make decisions to optimize our campaigns.

To achieve the best design for online advertising at Uzink we rely on our accumulated experience, the professionalism of our team and, of course, our orientation towards results. Do you want us to help you with your next online campaign?

If you have a project, contact us. We will help you: