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How to do a brand and market analysis?


Explore the terrain to open new paths. In Uzink, marketing consultants in Madrid, we want to share how to do a brand and market analysis so that your company can develop an effective and profitable strategy. And it is that if we want to create a successful business we must know in depth the market where we are going to compete. It is one of the pillars of marketing that, on too many occasions, we replace with intuition. Where should you start?

Step by Step. How to do a brand and market analysis.

As a company specialized in marketing consulting, our first task is to know all the characteristics of the brand: its history, successes and failures, the sector in which it competes, objectives and goals... From here, we begin to dive:

> We locate trends, published studies, consumption habits... A search that will allow us to obtain a macroeconomic vision of the ecosystem where the company competes.

> We investigate through quantitative and qualitative studies by asking actual and potential customers directly.

> We detect possible failures in the positioning of the product or service in the market and, in addition, we bring to light improvements that may represent a business opportunity.

> We analyze the company internally to reinforce what is being done effectively and correct mistakes in management and processes.

> We develop an analysis SWOT and we work at a strategic level in the generating ideas of value.

To know how to do a brand and market analysis, you have to know and manage all the professional tools. Nevertheless, we must have the necessary flexibility to adapt to the peculiarities of each business sector. Because only if we get to the bottom, if we know how to see beyond the data and if we manage to interpret the trends, will we be able to find the key to define a positioning differential. 

A necessary investment in the life of a brand.

When is it necessary to carry out a brand and market analysis? There are several key moments in the life of a brand.

  • When a new project is started. In this case, knowing how to do a brand and market analysis can be vital.
  • When a sales problem arises. There are critical situations that require us to stop and rethink.
  • when we want to grow geographically or open new sales channels.
  • When we bet on business excellence and, periodically, we want to analyze if our strategy responds to the business goals.

Doing a brand and market analysis helps us to compete and, on many occasions, can avoid failures that lead to large economic losses. Recognizing the terrain before beginning the adventure is one of the secrets of success.

Do you want to know how to do a brand and market analysis for your company? Consult us without obligation and we will share with you the keys to start competing.

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