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How to ask for feedback from a client?

How to ask a customer for feedback

I know of many companies that center their entire strategy around a few “wanted” strengths. On the other hand, after years of work, they have not stopped to ask their clients why they continue to work with them, after so many years. It may be because we don't know how to ask a customer for feedback. We explain it to you!

The results of these customer surveys are often surprising. They all highlight positive and negative aspects of our company, but generally, no one talks about the strengths that we thought they would talk about.

If you have a portfolio of clients (and you've never done this before), maybe it's time to ask them what most (and least) encourages them to continue working with you. Trying to improve on the negative aspects and extolling the positive ones can be part of your roadmap from that moment on.

Remember: Don't try to change your customer's opinion. That he does not think the same as you does not mean that he is wrong, or that he does not see the benefit that you bring him. He is always right.

What is customer feedback?

What exactly is customer feedback is the first thing we must be clear about. It is a response, positive or negative, that the customer has about us, our products and services or about the experience we offer as a brand.

Listening to customers and understanding them as consumers will help us improve their experience with our brand and build their loyalty. Various studies have indicated that 92% of consumers would abandon their usual brand after two or three negative experiences. This is why it is so important to detect bad customer feedback in order to resolve it and alleviate it in time.

So how do you ask a customer for feedback?

If you are wondering how to ask a customer for feedback, we will tell you some of the most common feedback methods.

Online satisfaction surveys

A quick and easy satisfaction survey that gets to the point and draws attention is the easiest way to get feedback. A simple survey with five smiley faces will suffice in which the customer will have to choose how happy they are with the service or product. There are many ways! Be original!

Social media monitoring

Social networks are a focus of comments, opinions and shared experiences. Being present on these platforms and paying attention to criticism and comments about our brand will help us better understand how the user feels.

We can also take advantage of these platforms to provide customer feedback through surveys, questions or comments.

Chat Rankings

Many companies have a chat to communicate with customers, as this way they can offer instant, comfortable and fast support.

We may include a rating at the end of each customer conversation. In this way we will also know when and where a bad review comes from and we will be able to solve it.

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