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How to reactivate your business… To return to browsing!

How to reactivate your business... To return to browsing!

When the wind blows in favor of a company, suppliers multiply. However, when things don't work out the way they should, the businessman feels like he's sailing on a drifting ship with no land on the horizon. In Uzink, specialized in strategic consulting in Madrid, we know this feeling well because we have helped many companies to innovate their business models. Therefore, if you now find yourself in a similar situation, we want to send you an optimistic message. We know how to reactivate your business and, in this article, we are going to share some keys for you to refloat the business project to whom you have dedicated so much effort.

As Guy Kawasaki said: “In the end, either you are different or you are cheap”. The key is precisely create products and services that offer differential value and that allow you to fight with more arguments than price. But how to get it?

Step by Step. How to reactivate your business.

Normally, if you focus on the numbers, the only solution in sight is to reduce staff, costs and lower prices. But usually this answer will only sink your upgrade options. Ask yourself the right questions to understand how to reactivate your business.

Can you reinvent your product or service?

The circus business was going through its weakest years when the Circus of the Sun with a totally innovative proposal that achieved international fame.

Can you connect with another audience?

It seemed that Post it had no other options for growth and, nevertheless, it positioned itself as an ally of electronic commerce.

Can you go further?

Pastor It is a great example of how a family business has managed to bring its quality dairy products to new markets. It has recently announced its arrival in the United Kingdom and France.

Can you create new forms of marketing?

Financial entities, travel agencies, fashion companies... There are many businesses that have succeeded thanks to a good ecommerce strategy.

To know how to reactivate your business, you have to ask yourself more questions. But if you are willing to try, understand this moment as a great opportunity. It has always been said that successful businesses are born in crisis situations. And, although it shouldn't be that way, when we are close to hitting rock bottom is when we are most willing to innovate. Do we talk?

If you have a project, contact us. We will help you: