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The 7 ingredients of corporate communication

Communicating is giving the best of oneself. And at Uzink, as experts in marketing and branding consultancy, we face it as a daily challenge to be at the side of our clients. They and we must pay special attention to corporate communication. For this reason, from the Uzink blog we want to reveal the secrets and principles of corporate communication so that we all begin to communicate giving the best of ourselves.

What is corporate communication?

Corporate communication is all those messages that you make known about your company. You should not only think about advertising or marketing campaigns or communications to journalists. Corporate communication is aimed at both external audiences (customers, suppliers, shareholders, media, public authorities...) and internal ones, your own employees.

Take care of her in all her areas it is fundamentally for corporate communication to be truly effective.

The 7 principles of corporate communication

1. Give it the importance it deserves.

Is define the keys of the company's corporate communication. It may seem obvious, but it is the first of the principles of corporate communication and one of the most important. For this, it is essential to be advised by Professionals who are experts and have experience. We can all communicate but it is necessary to do so with a clear roadmap that allows us to meet our objectives.

2. Take the risk to be different.

You will have heard thousands of times that differentiation is the key and it is. Throughout history we have seen numerous success stories and they all have a common element: they have created eye-catching messages and have achieved a unique and attractive presence in media or media. It is clear that not everything goes for all sectors or for all companies. However, looking for differentiation in our corporate communication is essential.

3. Practice “being and seeming”.

As the Caesar's Wife, In addition to being, you must appear. What is my story? What are my production processes like? What values ​​do I identify with? What causes can I support?… These are questions we must ask ourselves to communicate in a coherent way and that our message is not distanced between what we are and the image we want to project.

4. Be transparent.

Send clear and simple messages. Communicate when necessary. Don't be afraid to accept mistakes and fix them. At Uzink we believe that the key to learning lies there. Your public will see the gesture and will want to trust a company that knows how to respond, conveys closeness and wants to learn from its mistakes.

5. Everything communicates.

Corporate communication is not only an advertising campaign. It goes much further, from how you answer the phone to what your presence is like. sale on the internet.

6. Available to everyone.

Corporate communication professionals must have direct access to address, while they have to be in permanent contact with all departments of the company. In each of them it is communicated and must be done globally.

7. And measure, measure and measure.

Knowing the results of appearances in offline and online media, as well as their value, is essential to analyze, know what you like and what you don't, learn and put solutions.

These are the ingredients. Now all that remains is to develop a different, coherent corporate communication that allows you to achieve success. When do you want to start?

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