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talented marketing consultants

What is the importance of talent for a marketing consultant? Santiago Gonzalez, manager of Uzink, shared with the newspaper Expansion the keys when selecting professionals to be part of our team. “The difference is always in surrounding yourself with the best”, affirms convinced. A vision that has been maintained since its inception and that has allowed it to attract great professionals who, working as a team, have ensured that Uzink continues to be one of the leading talented marketing consultants in Madrid.

When we speak of talent, we refer to the ability to create effective strategies, to adjust to the needs of our clients and to respond in a timely manner to market demands. “We are looking for talented people, with their own initiative and multidisciplinary capacity to tackle different projects”, Santiago explained.

What values ​​should differentiate marketing consultants?

The desire to excel. At Uzink we continue working to be one of the marketing consultants prominent nationally. To do this, we create teams of professionals who work in their area of ​​specialization according to a global strategy. We have people who are experts in business models, business and commercial strategy, offline and online marketing, branding and analytics...

Tips for young professionals

For Uzink we regularly welcome recent graduates who want to learn about the reality of marketing consultants. Thus, we select professionals who are integrated into our team for a few months and, later, they can become a permanent part of our staff or collaborate as a "freelance". Therefore, the essential values ​​to join Uzink, in the words of Santiago González, are: “responsibility and flexibility”.

The interview with Santiago González, as manager of one of the marketing consultancies with the highest rating by his clients, was published in the print edition of Expansión on April 15, 2016.

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