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Marketing consultancy in Madrid

Strategic consulting projects, turnkey

Marketing consultancy in Madrid. Turnkey strategic consulting projects.
Your marketing consulting company in Madrid.

Your marketing consultancy in Madrid

Why hire our marketing consulting services? If you feel that you do not have any sales argument, beyond the price, you notice that your products or services do not reach your target audience due to lack of visibility or you believe that your conversion rates can be improved, contact our marketing consulting company at Madrid. We work nationally. Call us and we will give you viable solutions to improve your figures and make your company an effective and efficient company.

Know our method for success

Uzink, specialized in marketing consulting in Madrid, develops strategies based on value and emotion. That is, it works on your company to differentiate yourself from the competition, make the customer perceive your product or service as "more valuable" than that of your competitors and give your business the greatest possible visibility in the market.

Our marketing strategy is therefore based on the following areas:

Marketing consultancy Uzink. Worth.


Our marketing consulting company in Madrid optimizes your value proposition so that you find "your place in the market". In other words, we define, in a concrete way, what your client needs and we value how you can focus your product or service on their needs. The best way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to develop a product that is much more tailored to your client than they are.

Generate a product of greater value will make your company focus on its target audience and your competition will become irrelevant. Multiple variables come into play in the area of ​​value:


  • Need: The resolution of a problem that a client may have requires, on many occasions, a change of approach. Defining the problem clearly, outlining how we are solving it and looking for how we could solve it by generating greater value is a definitive key when it comes to being competitive in the market.
  • Price: Many companies start from the mistaken premise that price is the most important variable in decision making. However, in our daily lives, we make purchases not based on price. Well, because we like one product more than another, even if it is more expensive, because of proximity, reliability, design, custom... Exploiting price alternatives is one of the great challenges that a company faces in a saturated market.
  • Passion: People don't always buy out of necessity. Most of the time, and especially when it comes to impulse purchases, emotion comes into play. Passion is what drives us to buy products we want, even if we don't really need them. This is where the area of ​​emotion and brand loyalty comes in.


A second variable that we believe is necessary, when positioning yourself in the market, is emotion. Every day we find commercials selling from analytical points of view in situations that do not require technical knowledge. At Uzink, thanks to the marketing consultancy in Madrid, we have managed to multiply the sales of some of our clients by integrating emotion into business processes. Emotion makes you perceive a product as better and more reliable than the rest, it makes the customer feel heard and know that you care about him. We can integrate emotion into your company through the reorientation of your corporate communication and the development of procedures based on emotion.

Emotion plays an important asset in several aspects:


  • Brand: The brand is the personality of your company, and just like you, it can be as close and emotional as you decide. The more emotion your brand has, the more it will contribute to facilitating business transactions and relationships. In addition, the brand is one of the first ways of attracting attention in the market, and what it transmits to a potential user is critical for them to contact you.
  • User and customer experience: Still, at this point, we see companies that overlook the experience of their customers when buying and consuming their product or service. The greater the competitiveness, the more determining are the emotions that we generate in the client when interacting with us (either on a personal or digital level). The user and customer experience is especially relevant at this time, due to the ease of users to transmit their experience on the Internet, and due to the degree of influence that the opinions of other users have when buying a product or contracting a service. .
Marketing consultancy Uzink. Worth.
Marketing consultancy Uzink. Worth.


The third variable of our strategy is visibility. No matter how good your product is, no one will buy it if they don't see it. At Uzink we value and choose the best channels, online and offline, to bring your product to the market and market it. Several factors come into play in marketing consultancy in Madrid:


  • Online Marketing: We develop and position websites through advertising campaigns and organic search strategies in the main search engines and aggregators.
  • offline-marketing: Digital is not always the best, or the only, strategy to bring your product closer to the market. We use offline media to carry out or complement your strategy.
  • Contents: In order to maximize sales opportunities, we develop attractive content for the user using emotional marketing strategies. There are many ways to convey the same message. We analyze each situation and generate the best possible message.

Marketing Consulting Services in Madrid

marketing services


In our Marketing Consulting in Madrid we help you to know your ideal client, what their needs and behavior are, the current situation and expectations of the markets and the competition. All accompanied by strategies and actions.

branding services


There are companies that die and brands that are immortal. Give your business an identity according to its personality and attract the attention of your customers, differentiating yourself from the competition with our help in branding.

E-commerce consulting


We design sales funnels to capture users, convert them into customers and create loyalty campaigns to make them buy again. All this with the minimum investment required by a Online store, compared to a physical establishment

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