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E-commerce consulting in Madrid

For stores that want to compete on the Internet.

ecommerce consulting
We reinvent online commercial outsourcing for your business

We reinvent online commercial outsourcing for your business

Have you ever calculated how much your time is worth? Where are you really excellent? What part of your work adds value to your business? At Uzink we know that many entrepreneurs neglect the heart of their businesses by focusing on parallel ecommerce consulting tasks in which they are not specialized. The result? Hundreds of hours lost per month analyzing keywords, page ranks, SEO articles and endless concepts that divert your attention from what is truly important and that, moreover, do not achieve the desired results. What can you do?

The time has come to put your online business strategy in expert hands. At Uzink we have designed an advanced ecommerce consulting service for companies that sell both products and services on the Internet. A comprehensive service so that the only thing you have to analyze next time are the results. You are ready?

What are the companies that sell the most on the Internet?

Many of the companies that are successful on the Internet today are Uzink customers. Entrepreneurs who decided to take back the reins of their business and entrusted us with ecommerce consulting tasks. They, like your company, benefit directly from the knowledge, experience and talent of a heterogeneous professional team, pioneers in online projects and with a clear business focus.

Imagine what you could gain in time and profitability with a team of consultants, branding experts, designers, developers, analysts, and SEM, SEO, and SMM experts focused on your business. Imagine it and start living it.

Marketing consulting services

Uzink is much more than an ecommerce consulting company.

Often, many ecommerce consulting companies are able to generate visibility and traffic to your page, but are not able to complete the sales process once the online interaction is over. Uzink, in addition to generating visibility on the internet, creates strategies to maximize the number of business contacts and increase the conversion.

Uzink is much more than an ecommerce consulting company.

Uzink ecommerce consulting services. Why?

To develop markets, where a flexible organization capable of responding to its changes is necessary, and to improve the internal organization of a company, we provide strategic ecommerce consulting based on agile methodologies used by companies such as Spotify, Orange or BBVA.

  • SEO experts /SEM/SMM: We have a large team of experts in web positioning and social media management. Basic profiles for a successful strategy.
  • Writing and content generation: The tendency of the big search engines is to give more and more importance to the contents. For this reason, we have top-level editors to generate quality content on your page. These contents are agreed with the SEO, SEM and SMM project managers to maximize traffic and sales opportunities.
  • Web Analytics: We are obsessed with web analytics. We use visit and trend tracking tools to know how to position yourself, and other tools such as heat maps to improve the user experience, and put what they want to see in the place where they want to see it.
  • Generation of differential values: One of the problems that online stores face is the high price competitiveness. Uzink works to improve the design and user experience to generate added value and avoid this price competition.
  • Expansion plans for online businesses: It is not easy to manage the expansion of online businesses. Uzink helps you in the development and planning of your expansion plans, see our strategic consulting.
In addition to ecommerce consulting. What else does Uzink contribute?

In addition to ecommerce consulting. What else does Uzink contribute?

  • Analysis and modifications on your business model: We advise you on the orientation of your business model. Which market segments to target and how to do it, we develop your customer interaction strategy and your distribution channel strategy. We also look for alternative strategies to differentiate you from the competition and increase the value for your clients.
  • Picking and logistics: We establish relationships with logistics providers so that you can benefit from them.
  • Global providers: We look for global suppliers and establish agreements with companies in emerging markets, so that you can increase your product portfolio and differentiate yourself from your competition.
marketing services


In our Marketing consultancy we help you to know your ideal client, what their needs and behavior are, the current situation and expectations of the markets and the competition. All accompanied by strategies and actions.

branding services


There are companies that die and brands that are immortal. Give your business an identity according to its personality and attract the attention of your customers, differentiating yourself from the competition.

e-commerce consulting


We design sales funnels to capture users, convert them into customers and create loyalty campaigns to make them buy again. All this with the minimum investment required by the internet.