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Create email marketing campaign step by step

Are you afraid that your email marketing campaign will end up in the trash? Is your company marked as spam? Or even your communication action generates casualties in your database? In Uzink, as online marketing experts, we want to share practical tips to create the most effective email marketing campaign and get a positive return. It is a service that we offer to a large part of our clients in the management of their online communication. We tell you!

The first step: have a good database

As is logical, the first step is to have a complete database that allows us to have a good segmentation and, thus, direct the email marketing campaign to the correct audience. For example, We will be able to segment shipments by gender, location, level of relationship with our brand...

It is good to remember that the database is a living element. Every company must work to retain and obtain new valid contacts with whom it wishes to contact in the future. And, also, a separate mention deserves the fulfillment of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How should the email design itself be?

The segmentation and knowledge of the public we are targeting will give us a lot of information to design effective communication. Good doses of empathy and psychology are needed, as well as creativity, to ensure that the email marketing campaign we are sending is of interest to the user.

Some keys:

– The matter is decisive. We depend on its attractiveness to guarantee the click. It is recommended that it be short, that it be formulated in a positive way, that it add value, that it be original, that it flee from commercial conventions and, also, that it include some special character or even an emoticon.

– The content must be clear, be well hierarchical and, of course, invite the desired action.

– The design must be clean, respect the brand identity and surprise with a different visual element. Of course it must be designed primarily with mobile viewing in mind. Today more than 80% of openings, depending on the sector, are made from mobile devices.

There are other aspects that usually worry and are very important. For example, the periodicity. There is no single answer here. It will substantially depend on the type of business activity and whether we truly add value.

Types of email marketing campaigns

Depending on the objective, we will apply different types of email marketing campaigns. Here are some examples of the most frequent email marketing campaigns:


It is one of the types of email marketing campaigns most used by companies. In them we send the latest news about our company or the sector in which we are specialized. The frequency with which we will send these types of campaigns will depend on the ability to create relevant content that we have. It is important to offer quality content and that the reader is interested in it. In addition, we must maintain the publication frequency over time and be constant.

What is the newsletter for? The newsletters serve to retain and be present in the minds of our subscribers. In addition, we will be able to drive traffic to our website or online store and we all know that indirectly this can easily become new sales.

seasonal campaigns

There are certain times when users of certain products feel more predisposed to buy them and that is when they tolerate offers and promotions better than ever. For example Christmas, Black Friday or Valentine's Day. Of course, you have to be very original because at this time the user receives an avalanche of messages from so many companies that it is very easy for him to get lost in the crowd.

Promotional Campaigns

Of all the types of email marketing campaigns, promotional campaigns are the most used. This is because they are intended solely to generate sales. These campaigns usually include special offers, promotions and discounts. In addition, they are used to spread new products or stock that you want to sell with some urgency.

You have to be creative! Finding the Call to Action that works for your target audience is not an easy task. It is important that all the elements that make up the email are intended for conversion. Create compelling copy, use creative visuals, and place call-to-action buttons. Finally, don't forget to include buttons to your main social networks so that your subscribers can find you, follow you and share your promotional campaigns with their circle.

Information campaigns or information campaigns

These types of email marketing campaigns are used to communicate specific news to your subscribers. For example, if the company redesigns its brand image, it must send an information campaign to communicate how it will look from now on: its new colors, name, logo, typography, etc. This way we make sure that the user recognizes us the next time he sees us.

To create an information campaign, we must bear in mind that these types of email marketing campaigns are sent on time and always with a specific reason.

Automation campaigns

They are automatic campaigns that the system sends at certain times that we have previously programmed. For example, a birthday email will be sent to each of our subscribers. Another very common example is to automate an email with the latest news from the blog from time to time.

What indicators should you monitor to know if the campaign has been effective?

Each specific campaign and its evolution over time must be measured. Un marketing expert You must know perfectly the evolution of the opening rate, the number of clicks, the number of cancellations... And, of course, the global objective for the campaign: increase the number of orders, contacts, attendance at an event... This analysis will be of great value to improve and learn how to create the most effective email marketing campaign.

Despite all that has been said, to create the most effective email marketing campaign, many other details must be taken care of. Nothing like experience and constant improvement to achieve it. From Uzink we invite you to rethink your shipments now Ask us for more information if you want extra help.

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