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Create a brand name: What should you take into account?

Have you thought about? We are about to enter the 20s. Of course, the XNUMXst century. And still today many use the techniques to name their businesses that were used almost a century ago. In Uzink, branding experts, we share in this article lThe keys to creating an unforgettable brand name in a globalized and digital context.

The new ingredients to create a brand name in the XNUMXst century

Clear, loud, concise and unique. Indeed, these are the basic criteria when creating an unforgettable brand name. However, to compete in the coming 20 years, something more is needed.

Lots of creativity. Thousands of trademark registrations per year

Only in 2017, la Spanish office of the patents and brand received more than 50.000 trademark applications and nearly 10.000 trade names new. It is clear that creativity, when creating a brand name, is essential. But just because it's original doesn't mean it's perfect. To be valid, at Uzink we recommend consult the real possibility of registration. It would not be the first time that a brand is fully built and cannot complete the formal registration process.

The importance of the Internet, online sales or not.

It does not matter if you sell on the Internet. The Internet is the main showcase for any brand and, therefore, we must take it into account when creating a brand name in the XNUMXst century. Must review and ensure the availability of national and international domains, name in social profiles...

Important to create a brand name: your brand is global.

Even if your business is regional or national. The Internet is global and does not discriminate. Must analyze if the ideal brand name has not previously existed in other parts of the world and check the trace it has left on the network. There are cases of brands that have created a technological name, soundly attractive in the Spanish market, and that in America belonged to an arms company.

The task of finding a name for a company in the XNUMXst century is more difficult than ever. It takes creativity, a good analysis of the online and offline market and also a formal process that validates your registration. At Uzink we invite you to contact us if you want to create a brand name that will be successful in the next (and hopefully wonderful) 20 years.

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