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The new ABC to create an online content strategy.

The new keys to creating an online content strategy

While we are writing this article, an important news is being published on the Internet. It may be that when we finish it, something of what we are affirming here will have changed substantially. Understanding this is the key to creating a successful online content strategy. This is how we see it in Uzink, online marketing experts and in business strategy, and so we want to tell you. Here is our particular and effective ABC to create an online content strategy.

Bluntly! 5 key questions to create an online content strategy

Have very clear ideas.

It's common sense, and yet it doesn't always happen. Before embarking on the adventure of creating an online content strategy, we must analyze, understand and define very well the objectives that we want as a brand. It is the first step of our ABC: analyze the competition, study the behavior of our audience, estimate the opportunity for engagement with the audience, allocate a budget item and, of course, specify the measurement indicators of our success.

don't play with yourself mark on the internet.

An online content strategy that we do not take into account. Surely you have a corporate identity manual that you apply by heart in the offline world. But what about your brand on the Internet? More and more companies complete their manual with a specific section for the online world. And it is possible that how our image is applied to Facebook has much more visibility than on a business card, right?

You have to take care of the image and you have to work on the tone. As a brand we have a personality and the Internet is where we can give it more body and strength. How do we express ourselves? What kind of reaction will we have? How will we respond? Until the selection of the response emoticon must be measured.

Do not copy the neighbor's strategy.

Monitoring the competition is essential. Copying it is a big mistake. In fact, at Uzink we carry out a previous benchmark to help us create an original online content strategy. This is what Internet users are looking for: authenticity. Copying the online content strategy is not an option.

Learn to forget.

You have to choose and you have to start somewhere. By which? To create an online content strategy you should know that there are several paths. Surely you have in mind the publication in a blog, the activity in social networks, the creation of audiovisual content... If you are going to start or want to reposition your online content strategy as well you should know the latest trends. for a long time ephemeral content has become the best way to reach our audience. In fact, 400 million people They use Instagram stories every day. But there is more. get hold of video leadership It's got all the networks busy. Instagram just launched its IGTV and Youtube starts to tremble. While the giants fight based on innovation, brands must prepare to learn to forget and know how to react to changes.

You have to be professional.

The ease of use of social networks, blogs and other online tools should not confuse us. Using them personally is really easy. Using them professionally is a very different matter. At Uzink we recommend choosing a good online marketing advisor that in addition to guaranteeing quality, return and benefit for your brand, knows how to adapt creatively and quickly to changes so that your online presence is always alive.

And now... If you've come this far, forget everything said! Or not. As we pointed out at the beginning of this article, when you are reading it several weeks later, many things on the Internet may have changed. However, our ABC will remain the same. To create a successful online content strategy, you must combine the strategic vision of the brand with the chameleon-like ability to adapt to changes. Want to know more?

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