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How to create a lovemark

What is a lovemark? What is a lovemark for? How can a brand become one? uzink is a Lovemark Agency Madrid, which means that if you are looking for an agency to create a lovemark you have come to the right place. We tell you everything about lovemarks.

What is a lovemark?

kevin roberts he was the originator of the term “lovemarks”. According to his theory, lovemarks base their strategy on love and respect for their business and the businesses of their clients. That is, they seek to create emotional links with the market to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Roberts supports the development of lovemarks, as opposed to trademarks (registered trademarks) and trustmarks (reliable marks). Trademarks are, nowadays, minimum requirements that plan their strategy on the defensive, while lovemarks attack with emotions.

Characteristics of lovemarks

  • Relationship between the consumer and the brand of love and respect. The brands have earned the respect and affection of their followers and it shows. They have invested effort, time, money and hard work to get closer to them and gain their trust.
  • They are unattainable. Most of us cannot buy a good Audi, as it is an expensive brand and not available to everyone. But nevertheless many love the brand even without ever consuming it. That feeling of being unattainable is one of the reasons that make her a lovemark.
  • Loyal customers to the end. Lovemark customers will be with their brands until the end. They are willing to wait in lines for hours and hours to get the new iPhone first. Lovemarks are brands that arouse loyalty.
  • They convey closeness. Yes, even being untargetable they have that ability. A lovemark is like a loved one, like a friend. A friend cannot be cold and distant. An intimacy is created between the lovemark and the user through the brand experience.
  • They play with emotion and senses. A car is used to move, yes. But Audi doesn't tell you in its ads what features its vehicle does or doesn't have. Audi is a lovemark because it tells you "do you like to drive?" and points directly to your most emotional side. It shows you scenes where the driver's skin crawls as he grabs the wheel, doesn't open the hood, and shows you the engine.
  • They are not "owned" by the brands. Yes, legally they are. I mean that consumers feel like their own. They personalize them, appropriate them and look for a place in their lives. If a friend says that Pepsi or Coca-Cola are the same, the Coca-Cola consumer will quickly deny it and defend the brand. He will say that it is the best, that its flavor is unique and he will defend it as if it were his own. This is the greatest achievement of a lovemark.

How to create a lovemark

If you want to create a lovemark in Madrid, do not hesitate to contact Uzink. We are a Lovemark Agency Madrid and we can help you create a lovemark that makes your audience fall in love and retain their loyalty.

As a general rule, these are the steps that we must take into account to create a lovemark.

  1. Strategically select our target audience. We cannot address everyone if we want to make a few fall in love. We are going to decide who we want to seduce and we are going to modify our message and the way we communicate it to them.
  2. Transmit values ​​and ideals correctly. There must be a connection and correlation between all departments and areas of the company. It is important that you take into account the identity and brand image.
  3. Create brand experience. Propose actions that enhance these values ​​and ideals and in which the target audience can participate. Make it part of your brand.
  4. Aim for emotions. An emotional speech reaches much better and builds loyalty more than a rational speech.
  5. Be persistent. You can't create a lovemark overnight. It takes perseverance, effort and time to create a lovemark.
  6. Reinvent yourself. It doesn't matter that you already have followers who follow you, in the market or you renew yourself or you die. Tastes change and fashions pass. Adapt to new changes and innovate. Study your audience and your competition and pay attention to how they evolve.

Examples of Lovemarks

Apple: quintessential lovemark

I think that after seeing this image there is not much more to add. Apple is a lovemark that has managed to differentiate itself and carve out a niche for itself in the hearts of consumers. So much so that they are willing to queue for hours to get the new iPhone and pay thousands of euros for a mobile.

love mark apple

Ikea: the Swedish lovemark

His emotional communication has touched the hearts of many people. Let's think about their slogans: "the independent republic of my house", "where two fit, three fit"... They are empathic messages that tell us "we know that your house is your space and that there are people with tastes, needs and interests in it" .

They show us their sofas with children jumping on them and dogs playing on the bed. This is not accidental. In this way, it gets closer to its target audience: families who are furnishing their new home and imagine their children playing on the sofa or their dog running around the house.

Netslé Jungle: The lovemark we haven't forgotten

What has happened with this chocolate bar has been amazing. Netslé Jungly was one of the most beloved chocolate bars when we were little, but due to changes in the market, it was withdrawn and disappeared from our lives.

Imagine what level of affection was felt for the brand that, as adults, thousands and thousands of Nestlé consumers demanded its return. Even at they organized a petition. On many occasions on social networks, the request for the return of this nostalgic chocolate bar became a trending topic and many influencers also joined.

When it finally hit the market again, its reception was impressive. No matter how many Nestlé Jungly tablets they put out for sale, they sold out quickly. So much so that it became very common for supermarkets to place these types of signs limiting their purchase per person.

lovemark nestle jungle

LEGO, the lovemark that grows with you.

The pieces with which we have all played as children and with which we have explored our imagination. But not only that. LEGO realized the effect of becoming a Lovemark and wanted to take advantage of it.

He created movies with LEGO figures as protagonists so that children could identify with them. But not only that, they have created a whole culture around them with which they have recreated cities, fictional characters or Formula 1 cars.

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