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Customer Journey Map: What does Customer Journey mean in Spanish?

What is Customer Journey Map in Spanish?

Thrill. illusion. Satisfy. To surprise. Reward. Loyalty. The to-do list for marketers seems endless, right? And the list of anglicisms too. Therefore, from the Uzink blog, we want to analyze what it is and what it means Customer Journey Map in Spanish (or customer journey map) and understand how you can help us meet our marketing goals.

What is Customer Journey and what does it mean in Spanish?

The real key to the Customer Journey Map is to analyze the Customer experience, from start to finish, with a twist. We will do it from the customer's point of view. Instead of sitting down to watch you from our marketing booth, we'll work with empathy and do it for you. Where does it start? What do you feel? What are the determining relationship points? When does it finish? How does it go on?

The Customer Journey Map tool, inherited from the Design Thinking, plasma in a map or diagram the evolution of the customer life cycle (the different stages in which it interacts with the brand). And, of course, it should always extend beyond the completion of the purchase. In addition, another of the most outstanding characteristics is that it gives equal importance to tangible and intangible elements.

There is no single map model. Each company must find the formula to create its own Customer Journey Map and evolve it. And there is no single map either. Depending on the business activity, we can face different maps of experiences.

Objectives of the Customer Journey Map

This strategic work will help us improve all the points of contact that our client has with the brand. With the Customer Journey Map created, we will be able to analyze what we are doing, as marketing experts, in each of your contact points. And, once analyzed, detect how to improve the way we relate to each other and how to create a truly unique experience for our customers.

En uzink we use the Customer Journey Map as one more tool within our services of marketing consulting. A technique that, well directed, helps us meet the objectives of traditional companies and also online businesses. And it is that a good map, with a compass, will always help us find the way.

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