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Customer Journey Map: increase your conversion

Thrill. illusion. Satisfy. To surprise. Reward. Loyalty. The to-do list for marketers seems endless, right? And the list of Anglicisms too. The customer journey; In today's competitive business world, it is increasingly important to understand our customers' needs and preferences in order to offer them the best shopping experience. Therefore, from the Uzink blog, we want to analyze what Customer Journey Map is and what it means y understand how you can help us increase conversion rate and meet our marketing goals.

What is Customer Journey and what does it mean in Spanish?

The customer journey, also known as a customer journey map, is a visual representation of the interactions and experiences that a customer has with a brand over time. The objective of this tool is to understand how customers make purchasing decisions and how they relate to a brand and to discover problems and opportunities in our business strategy.

The Customer Journey Map tool is inherited from the Design Thinking, where it is embodied in a map or diagram the evolution of the customer life cycle (the different stages in which you interact with the brand).

There is no single map model. Each company must find the formula to create its own Customer Journey Map and evolve it. Depending on the business activity, we can face different experience maps.

What does Customer Journey mean


What benefits does the costumer journey bring to a marketing strategy?

  • Enabling companies to better understand their customers and their buying habits helps them tailor their marketing strategies and improve the customer experience.
  • Identify problems or frictions during the purchase process to know exactly when the customer abandoned or did not complete the transaction. In this way, the costumer journey map helps companies to take effective measures to improve conversions. 
  • It makes it easy to create more engaging and effective content and marketing campaigns.
  • It helps companies measure the performance of their marketing efforts and determine which strategies are most effective.


The customer journey is generally divided into four phases:

  • Awareness: in this phase, the client realizes that he has a problem or need to satisfy.
  • Consideration: In this phase, the client investigates different options to satisfy his problem or need.
  • Decision: In this phase, the client makes a decision about which option is the best to satisfy his problem or need.
  • Post-purchase: in this phase, the customer evaluates his experience with the brand and decides if he will buy again in the future.


To create a customer journey map, it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  • Identify the different points of contact that a customer has with your brand.
  • Identify the emotions, actions and decisions that the customer experiences at each point of contact.
  • Organize this information into a diagram that illustrates the process the customer follows to arrive at a purchase.


Inbound Marketing and the customer journey

The relationship between the customer journey and inbound marketing is close, since inbound marketing focuses on attracting and converting customers through relevant and valuable content. By understanding the customer journey, companies can create content and marketing campaigns that are tailored to the different phases of the buying process and help guide the customer towards a buying decision. Additionally, inbound marketing also focuses on delivering an excellent customer experience through exceptional customer service, which aligns with

En uzink we use the Customer Journey Map as one more tool within our services of marketing consulting. A technique that, well directed, helps us meet the objectives of traditional companies and also online businesses.

And it is that a good map or a compass will always help us to find the way.

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