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Soulmates? Differences between Marketing and Branding.

Do you know them? Differences between Marketing and Branding.

They get confused. They mix. They overlap. But they are not the same! Uzink's team analyzes the differences between Marketing y Branding so you can get to know them better and get the most out of your strategic planning.

Let's start with the definition

The classic exam question that many professionals forget in their day to day and can generate problems, both organizational and functional. We have traditionally defined marketing as the discipline that deals with the management of the 4 Ps: price, product, point of sale and promotion. For its part, branding deals with the management of a company's identity, positioning and values. To easily understand the differences between Marketing and Branding we can simplify. Marketing deals with the tangible and Branding with the intangible. Yes, indeed there are many more nuances.

Why are they confused?

The answer is simple. Although there are indeed differences between Marketing and Branding, the reality is that are complementary disciplines and come to share common goals. Without a good identity and brand positioning, it will be difficult for our product to stand out at its point of sale. In the same way that without a good product, we will not be able to make our strategic values ​​credible.

It's not about choosing. It's about integration. Many companies choose to have two different managers to manage Marketing and Branding. Other companies have this integrated management under a single profile. This separation or integration of competencies has pros and cons. That's why, More and more companies entrust the management of their Marketing and Branding to specialist external consultants able to provide them with the vision, strategy and follow-up. At Uzink we advise dozens of companies so that they can build their Marketing and Branding plans in a differentiated but totally effective way.

What needs to be done first?

We have just seen the differences in Marketing and Branding and the importance of integrated management. However, when we are going to create a new brand or product, what needs to be worked on first? Without a doubt, the Marketing strategy will be decisive, but at Uzink we believe that it must be inspired by a solid and differential Branding strategy. From here, the work will always be parallel.

If you want to better understand the differences between Marketing and Branding and how we can help you optimize it… We invite you to contact the Uzink consulting team.

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