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Examples of solidarity commercial marketing. Social or commercial interest?

A company must be responsible by principles. However, it must also be in your own commercial interest. According to a recent study by Cono Communications 90% of consumers believe that brands should be socially and environmentally responsible. In addition, this same research ensures that 84% of buyers prefer to choose responsible products whenever possible. It is not surprising, therefore, that in recent months we have witnessed numerous examples of solidarity commercial marketing.

Corporate Social Responsibility has become a critical issue in companies and one of the great challenges that marketing consultants we have ahead. For this reason, from the Uzink blog we wanted to select some outstanding initiatives that demonstrate the great power of this type of marketing to improve the reputation of brands and, also, the income statement. Indeed, the interest is social but also commercial. Why should we deny it?

Ausonia and La Caixa: two classic examples of solidary commercial marketing

What do Ausonia and La Caixa have in common? Both have turned their social responsibility policy into their great advertising tool.

Ausonia It has spent years communicating its commitment to the fight against breast cancer, a cause closely related to the interest of the female public.

The Caixa, for its part, long ago made the work of its “Obra Social La Caixa” foundation the true protagonist of its communication.

Examples of recent solidarity commercial marketing

Central Lechera Asturiana, in collaboration with Aldeas Infantiles, launched last Christmas a emotional campaign: “The Fourth Glass”. To do this, he asked users to share the spot and thus complete 100.000 liters of milk. An example of solidarity marketing oriented to virality on the Internet.

Ikea, through its Foundation and in collaboration with Save The Children and Unicef, has developed the initiative “Teddies for Education”. Among other actions, for each toy sold in its stores, the company would donate €1 to children's education programs.

Ikea, an example of solidarity marketing

Examples of solidarity marketing will continue to grow because brands are increasingly aware of the importance, at a social and commercial level, of their social responsibility. The key is to define a program related to the brand values, to the interests of our consumer and, of course, to develop it successfully in communication.

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