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Examples of Street Marketing during the summer

Sun, heat, longer days... In summer you want to go outside and enjoy the good weather. Brands know this and take advantage of it. More and more companies are committed to carrying out different and striking actions at street level, close to his audience and with a fun and relaxed tone. In uzink, experts in marketing consulting, we believe in street marketing as a different and effective way of communicating, indispensable in the strategies of current brands. That is why we explain what it is and we present some examples of Street marketing.

How to do Street Marketing in summer?

brand presentations or product, awareness campaigns, fun actions to build a brand... There are many reasons why marketing or branding actions can be carried out on the street.

First of all, it should be noted that The main objective of street marketing is to surprise and capture the attention of passers-by. Therefore, we must carry out creative and direct action in crowded places, such as in summer, beaches or tourist areas.

So that this action not only stays in that space and time, it is important to record it to share it through social networks like the following examples of street marketing in summer.

3 examples of Street Marketing that we like

“Europe is next door” by SNCF

The French railway company SNCF surprised by placing mysterious doors in different places on the streets of Paris. When people opened them, on the other side they saw another city in Europe with people interacting with them. Original and fun, in order to promote travel around Europe.

#Cheesestorming. Don't get it with cheese in Medina del Campo

Its objective is to raise awareness of the values ​​of artisan cheese. The action consisted of distributing pieces of wood in the shape of cheese through the streets of Medina del Campo (Valladolid). Once people approached for the "cheese" they were also given a napkin with the message to be communicated.

 Deliveroo arrives in Madrid

The ultimate example of Street Marketing. Kangaroos invade the streets of Madrid to announce the arrival of the London food delivery brand Deliveroo. An action that makes this animal, present in the brand's logo, the protagonist, with the aim of capturing the attention of the people of Madrid.

And you, what has been the action of Street marketing in summer that has surprised you? At Uzink we believe that the best is always yet to come. Do we talk?

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