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Examples on Branding: What type of smoke do you sell?

How to make your brand live in the "top of mind" of the consumer? In this article we explain with examples about branding of multinational brands that have achieved it. Are you ready to give your brand that boost you want so much?

When we say that a brand sells smoke, we immediately associate it with something negative. However, the big brands that we all have in mind have positioned themselves in the market betting on intangible values. Values ​​that, like smoke, cannot be touched but are what truly differentiate them from the competition.  It is a smoke full of color, experiences and emotions, but smoke after all. The key for Uzink, specialized in branding agency in Madrid, is to create a special smoke, full of meaning and sensitivity, for your brand. We show you some examples of branding so that you understand it.


What is emotional branding?

Emotional branding is an effective strategy that many companies use to engage their target audience and create a strong connection with their consumers. It consists of exploiting the psychological needs of consumers and taking advantage of them to create an emotional response that drives them to buy a product or service.

By understanding the different types of emotions that can be used in branding and learning how to apply them effectively, companies can create powerful campaigns that will help them stand out in a competitive marketplace. Whether you're a business owner or a marketer, mastering emotional marketing is a critical skill for creating successful campaigns that engage your target audience and drive sales.

3 examples of emotional branding

branding examples


Some examples of video branding: Desigual, Iberia and Mahou also sell smoke.

Desigual sells rebellion. Iberia sells freedom. Mahou, like Damm did with “Mediterráneamente”, sells the lifestyle.

If they only sold fashion, flights or beer, how were they going to sneak into the consumer's mind?

A well-planned brand will have tangible and intangible values that define it and, of all those values, there will be some that can make it unique. That's where we should start! In branding we have to work to find that concept that allows us to build a brand with good smoke: a sensory brand with a great story to share. Did you like the examples about branding and the smoke they sell? Think about your smoke!


emotional branding vs. rational

The way you market your brand is just as important as the product or service you offer. As an entrepreneur, you may be challenged to make your brand desirable and stand out from the crowd. To do this, you need to understand the difference between emotional marketing and rational marketing.

Emotional marketing is based on appealing to the emotional needs and desires of the customer, while rational marketing focuses on the rational and logical needs of the customer. Both can be used effectively, depending on the product or service being promoted.


Appeals for the right hemisphere: Emotional Branding

When you talk to your client about the price, you are awakening his rational side. Then, you will get him to analyze your product from that perspective exclusively. Nevertheless, when you appeal to an experience, you will put its emotional side to work. And when the emotions come, that comes up… I want it! And we all know what happens when a desire is awakened: the rest goes into the background.

One of the most successful examples of emotional branding is Coca-Cola. Today it is well known that sodas are not the healthiest choice when it comes to drinks, due to their high sugar, sodium, caffeine, low nutritional content, etc. If Coca-Cola were to base its branding solely on tangible values, it would have very little to offer: flavor and affordability.

What would have happened if Coca-Cola had not evolved with the market? The answer is simple. I would have disappeared. Today we are going through a wave of awareness about the relationship between food and health. For this reason, for many years the evolution of coca cola He has opted for the emotional. In the unconscious of the consumer, Coca-cola is more than a drink with a good taste at an affordable price, Coca-cola is: happiness, experiences, nostalgia, family moments, adventures, togetherness, hope.


Branding is measured in moments…

In the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", we hear a mythical phrase: "Life is not measured in minutes, it is measured in moments". At Uzink we think that this phrase makes perfect sense for brands. For this reason, we work with strategy and creativity in building brands. And, in addition, we accompany companies in their journey to ensure that the smoke that we like so much never fades.

And, after this, could you tell us what kind of smoke your brand sells?

At Uzink we help you create it. Contact us to learn about our service brand consulting in Madrid. We know each other?

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