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Electronic commerce in Spain in 2015

2015 figures on electronic commerce in Spain

To start a business, in addition to passion, figures have to move us. En uzink, specialized in e-commerce consultants, we closely follow the latest e-commerce trends and study the evolution and history of electronic commerce in Spain.

Electronic commerce in Spain in 2015: an X-ray of e-commerce in 2015

To get to know in depth how was the electronic commerce in Spain in 2015  We have selected 3 studies published in 2015. So we can see how it was e-commerce in Spain in 2015 and how the situation of e-commerce has changed in the last 6 years.


Only 17,6% of companies with 10 or more employees made online sales.

The latest data published by the National Institute of Statistics, relative to 2014 and the first quarter of 2015, show the growth and proliferation of sectors of activity beyond tourism.

  • 1 in 8 companies with more than 10 employees made online sales through websites and mobile applications.
  • The total volume of sales grew by 1,4% compared to the previous period and reached 198.261 million euros.
  • After accommodation services, with 83,1% of total sales, businesses linked to food, textiles, graphic arts, wholesale trade or motor vehicle repair stand out, exceeding 24%.
  • 66,7% of e-commerce sales in Spain were made by other companies, while sales by end customer totaled 31,4%.
  • Most of the business stayed in Spain. 83,5% of sales were made nationally.

Spain, the 5th country of the European Union in electronic commerce.

According to published report by Ecommerce Europe (related to online sales aimed at the final consumer) in 2015 it is expected to reach the figure of 477 billion euros in BSC sales at European level. A large part of this cake will be distributed among the 3 major e-commerce countries of the European Union. We are talking about the United Kingdom (30%), France (16,8%) and Germany (13,4%). a little further, In fifth position, Spain appears with 4% of the total.

Radiography of Spanish online buyers.

IAB Spain, in its 2015 Ecommerce Study, points to a 52% growth in online shopping compared to 2013. A growth that is transversal both by age and gender. But we want to know more about them. Who are they? How do they act? What do they value?

  • The average purchase frequency has grown. Shoppers make an average of 2,8 purchases per month with an average spend of €70.
  • The reasons are multiple: the price, the comfort, the exclusivity and the recommendation are key criteria for users.
  • The majority, 83%, continue to make purchases from their computer. But the sum of mobiles and tablets represents 15%.
  • In the Top 10 most demanded products and services: technology, leisure and culture, travel, fashion, food, home, footwear, accessories, sports and perfumery.

There is no doubt and all studies confirmed the trend. The data on electronic commerce in Spain are positive. However, small and medium-sized companies still have to face the great challenge of sell on the Internet. And they must because the Internet is not just a new market. The Internet will undoubtedly be the most important market.

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