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The power of photography in Branding

The power of photography in Branding

We all know the famous expression: “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Nevertheless, Have you stopped to think about the power of photography in Branding? The Uzink team, specialized consultants with offices in Madrid, wanted to highlight its importance coinciding with World Photography Day, which is celebrated on August 19.

The ABC of photography in Branding

The objective: to recognize a brand simply by its photography.

Composition, light, framing, colors, acting… When we create the visual identity of a brand, it is essential to define the code of its photographs. This would be equally applicable to video. In fact, a good brand manual incorporates a specific chapter intended to explain what kind of visuals you must use the mark to make it recognizable.

But we go further. Choosing the type of images is not a purely aesthetic issue (which it is too). We are talking about the power of photography in Branding and, therefore, about its ability to communicate our values, inspire our audience and connect with our audience to motivate action. We must know how to create our own code, which differs from the one used by the competition and, of course, that makes our target vibrate by contributing something new.

Common photography mistakes in branding

There are frequent errors that can be easily corrected.

- To think that a good cell phone or a good SLR camera is enough to take brand photos. A company needs a code, a creative direction and global consistency.

- Choose the type of photographs for aesthetics and not for their communication value. It is always advisable to reflect and ask yourself: is my audience going to understand this image and what I want to communicate with it?

- Show models and places far from the area of ​​activity in which we operate. We must adjust to the visual code of the area and the public where we are.

Knowing how to choose: original photographs or images from an image bank.

In an ideal world we would recommend all brands to create their own image banks. However, the reality of the budget of many companies and the demand for a variety of photographs that social networks demand today, make this task complicated. The solution? Image banks may be an option. We can also use these images, but it will be necessary to customize them for our brand. How? Making a good selection beforehand, playing with the settings, adding your own design resources, modifying colors or incorporating corporate messages...

The power of photography in branding is so great that it is easily understood when thinking of popular brands such as El Corte Ingles, Nike, Ikea or McDonalds. Surely when you see a photograph you already easily recognize its brand.

At Uzink we help companies create emotional brands, capable of connecting and selling more. Do you want to know us better?

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