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Music branding: The power of music in branding

The power of music in branding

Do we give music all the importance it deserves? In Uzink, branding agency in Madrid, we want delve a little deeper into the power of music in branding. And it is that hearing, without a doubt, is one of the most important senses when we want to transmit an emotion.

What would the classic Psycho scene be without its sharp notes? Or those of the Disney movies without their positive and happy rhythms? The cinema has understood very well the importance of sound to create unique sensations. And, we, as brand managers, should start taking good note. Because, although most marketers recognize its importance, not many companies treat this issue with the importance and sensitivity it deserves.

Music Branding: Where is the music?

When we talk about the power of music in branding, we must look at all the supports within our reach: videos, commercials, melodies on customer service telephone lines, background music... Audio Branding is much more than choosing a good theme for our latest advertising spot. We must have a global vision that includes music, sounds and voices that help communicate our brand values ​​and generate positive moods in our audience.

Who has done well? Music branding that works

Technology brands such as Nokia or Intel. And, of course, with another approach, we would highlight cases such as Ikea or Estrella Damm who, without having their own theme, have created a musical code that is quickly identified with their brands.

How to work the power of music in branding

When it comes to building the Audio Branding of our brand, we have several alternatives within our reach.

Jingles. We can bet on a musical tune composed expressly for a campaign or company. A good example would be “I'm lovin' it” from McDonald's.

Known music. We can also use unreleased songs pending release to the market, from emerging groups or even make versions of classic songs. One example we particularly like is the version launched by Chanel from “You're the one that I want” by Grease (covered by Lo-Fang).

Original compositions. And of course we can order an original song for our campaign or brand. Ikea recently did it with the theme “You have the right to sleep peacefully”.

There are many possibilities. However, beyond personal tastes and passing fads, we must understand that the ear is one of the great senses to work with to take advantage of the power of music in branding.

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