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The power of nostalgia in branding

Any time passed was better? When we look back our brain applies a great positive filter creating almost perfect memories. An emotion that, as various psychologists and studies assure, makes us much more empathic and social beings. That is why the power of nostalgia in branding is so great. If we know how to create a brand with a good dose of nostalgia, we will be connecting with an audience willing to pay more to feel better.

How does nostalgia work in branding?

Recently Telefónica presented a new corporate identity. Far from being something new and sophisticated, the company rescued the logo introduced in 1984 and gave it a new life. There are more recent examples. Burger King also looked back to redesign its new brand image. Why do they do it? We are dealing with companies with a common denominator: they have a great history and tradition. They know that by giving their logos a new life, they are reactivating positive memories with the consumer.

However You don't have to be a company with a long history to appeal to the power of nostalgia in branding. En uzink we incorporate this ingredient in many of the new brand projects that we carry out because we know that it offers very positive results. Twe reduce nostalgia at the design level using vintage-inspired icons, fonts and resources. Also we do it when we define the strategic positioning alluding to timeless values ​​connected to the past of our target. And we can keep working in the storytelling building a story that reactivates emotions and memories.

Nostalgia after times of crisis

A situation of personal crisis can be the cause of an outbreak of homesickness. When the crisis occurs globally, whether due to an economic, political or social situation, the feeling of nostalgia is generalized. We are right at that moment. The population, still immersed in the pandemic crisis, looks to the past looking for memories that comfort you for what they imply in terms of security and happiness.

We can look for more examples to illustrate the power of nostalgia in branding. Maybe Disney be one of the giants that works best. In the words of Wijnand van Tilburg, a nostalgia expert at King's College London, people tend to enjoy feeling nostalgic. This explains why a good number of the films that are created are remakes.

We like to think that any future time will be better. But perhaps for this, at least in branding, we have to appeal to our beloved past. Would you like to know more about the power of nostalgia?

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