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The power of humor in marketing

The power of humor in marketing

What do most of the viral videos that succeed on the Internet have in common? Effectively… Lots of humour! We think of all those videos that spread like wildfire and that reach us through all kinds of social networks: babies, kittens, falls, politicians making mistakes, various memes... Why do they like them so much? ANDn Uzink, specialized in strategy consulting, we want to delve a little deeper into the power of humor in marketing. And it is that awakening the smile in our client can become a great business strategy.

Why is it positive to use humor in marketing?

It is scientifically proven. Laughter reduces stress hormones, increases serotonin, activates the immune system, improves oxygenation... In short, laughter has the power to make us feel happier. In fact, the simple act of smiling, even if we don't feel the emotion, tricks our brain. And it is for this reason, for the pure pleasure it gives us, that all humans seek something that makes us feel better.

What if it was your company that could generate that moment of happiness in your customers?
What if it was your brand that was associated with those moments of well-being?

This is the great power of humor in marketing.

A couple of examples of humor in marketing: subtle and creative.

We started by talking about the great success of some viral videos to illustrate how people look for humor. However, when we want to work on humor in marketing, we will have to do so while respecting the brand image, adjusting to our target audience and taking into account many other strategic aspects. It is not an easy task. In fact, few companies have done this successfully to date.

Who has achieved it?

Actimel has used humor in its latest advertising campaign "A por el día" with a series of spots that show the day of a teacher, a farmer or a bricklayer with a very positive attitude.


Ikea It has also known how to take advantage of the power of humor in marketing in its latest campaign "Always something new". Daily situations with which we all feel identified.


Interestingly, Ikea has been able to take advantage of, literally, the pull of kittens on YouTube. You can see it at this link Youtube.

Connect with the consumer, earn their trust, value their intelligence... The power of humor in marketing knows no barriers, although it does require a good dose of creativity, strategy and attitude.

As Charlie Chaplin said: "A day without laughing is a day lost".

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