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Rare companies: successful businesses that you would never have believed in.

If someone had proposed to you, a few years ago, to set up a wool shop, a bookstore with stationery items, anti-theft clothing, toilets that increase productivity... What would you have thought? Today, those rare business ideas have become successful businesses in which, probably, you would not have invested a euro.

At Uzink, specialized in marketing consulting, we like to use cases such as We are Knitters (WAK) or Mr Wonderful as an example to show that the true innovation of any company, beyond the product, is in the strategy.

From rare companies to successful businesses: WAK and Mr Wonderful.

Successful businesses that you would never have believed in

They gave magic to the product.

It is not about inventing the wheel. The goal is for our wheel to have a new appeal and offer the customer more than just a product: an experience.

They took it to another level of quality.

Like salmon, these companies swam upstream. Instead of positioning themselves by price, they opted for quality beyond their own product material: the messages, the the packaging, the pictures, professional web design...

They made him navigate the online world.

The simple fact of having an online store will not make you sell more. They understood and created a ecommerce strategy global leveraging the power of social media, bloggers, and photography and video content.

They did not want to be like the others.

We are knitters does not sell needles and balls of wool. Sell ​​the satisfaction of weaving your own clothes, the excitement of learning, the tranquility of enjoying yourself at home...

Mr Wonderful does not sell notebooks. Sell ​​self-esteem, positive attitude, spirit of improvement, love for beautiful things...

What have we learned from these successful businesses?

You don't need a new product. You need a really innovative business model.
Selling experiences is much more profitable. The consumer does not skimp when buying a personal satisfaction.
The online world is your ally. There are business models that would be totally unfeasible without the Internet.
Love your project above all things. If you are not the first fan of your idea, hardly someone else will follow you.

Remember! Steve Jobs did not invent the computer. Amancio Ortega did not invent fashion. Juan Roig did not invent supermarkets.

And now, would you be willing to believe in your business idea?

We do. In uzink, marketing consulting, we help you build an innovative, viable and profitable business model. We know each other?

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