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How to establish the KPI's of your business?

How to establish the KPI's of your business?

What objectives does your company have? As important as defining the objectives of your business is determining the formulas to measure its evolution. In Uzink, as marketing consultants, we advise managers and commercial managers in the definition of the main KPI's for their businesses. What should we know?

What are KPI's and how to define them?

The acronym KPI's refer to the key performance indicators (from English, Key Performance Indicator). These are metrics we use to know the result of the actions that we develop. At Uzink we know that these indicators are key to measuring, comparing and making decisions.

When identifying the KPI's for a business, we follow the SMART methodology (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely). That is, we will establish objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and temporary.

Once the key indicators have been identified, it is important to determine who is responsible for its management in the business organization chart. At Uzink we work comprehensively with the different departments to propose the key indicators, the formula to measure them and the professionals indicated to carry out the monitoring.

Most common types of KPI's

Depending on its objectives, activity or competence, each company has to establish its own KPI's. However, some of the indicators common to practically all types of business are those related to sales, costs, market share, conversion rate... Broadly speaking, we can classify:

On financial performance: net profit, revenue growth, investment return…

About customers: loyalty index, NPS (Net promoter score), visit frequency, average length of stay...

Analyzing the market: market share, brand value, Top of mind…

Other KPI's to determine could be those related to Human Resources, Innovation or Sustainability.

Specific KPI's for Online Marketing

Measurement for marketing consultants is a goal in itself. Being able to measure is the key to analyze and be able to design successful strategies. For this reason, the great measurement opportunities offered by online marketing have become a great ally.

  • Web Analytics: number of visits, bounce rate, external links, organic traffic...
  • Social Network: community growth, engagement rate, interactions…
  • Customers: contacts, leads, acquisition cost...

Every day it is easier to measure. The analytical scenario has totally changed. While a few years ago the great challenge was to be able to ask; today the great challenge is knowing how to decide which are the most important KPI's for your business. We help you?

If you have a project, contact us. We will help you: