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Gamification in a company: A tool to win


Incorporating gamification in a company is one of the communication challenges of the XNUMXst century. For this reason, at Uzink, as experts in marketing consulting and branding, we want to talk a little more about gamification in a company as a tool of great value to build loyalty.

What is gamification in a company?

Gamification in a company consists of use the dynamics of the games to apply it in the corporate sphere in order to create a mechanism of union and loyalty with the brand, in addition to other objectives. In short, it is about offering the user a fun experience that makes them participate in the business activity.

What are the keys to gamification in a company?

Based on traditional games, gamification should put an emphasis on:

  • The dynamics of the game. Its objective is to get the user to get involved and have fun so that they do not abandon it, and thus be able to advance in level, earn points, get prizes...
  • The process of the game. It contains the personal motivations of each user to continue. It will be the rewards and recognition achieved.
  • The elements of the game. They will be the avatars of the players, the accumulated points, the labels, the badges...

Taking advantage of playful techniques and mechanisms will help get the target audience to approach the information with greater motivation. Therefore, the way in which the game is created and presented must be key. It has to be consistent, attractive and true to the brand's values.

Strengths of gamification in a company.

> Arouses and maintains the attention of the target audience.
> Create an ideal setting for messages to be more effective.
> Involves users in a fun and attractive dynamic.
> Increase levels of brand loyalty.
> Reduce business costs.

In gamification in a company, not everything is valid. To create a game we can think only of the entertainment part, but For its application to be in the business field, it must also be considered that it fulfills a strategic objective (of external or internal communication). At Uzink we believe that gamification in a company is a tool with great benefits to explore and take advantage of. Do we talk or play?

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