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Great sports figures: inspiration for companies

Great sports figures: inspiration for companies

Sport, in addition to moments of passion, also gives us other learning. That's why, at Uzink, experts in marketing consulting, we wanted to highlight some of the great sports figures who represent a true inspiration for companies and entrepreneurs. Without a doubt, they, with their attitude, effort and commitment, are the best mirror to look at to achieve our goals.

5 sports talents: the best sports inspiration for companies

We start with him. Michael Jordan, former NBA player, is one of the great basketball figures of all time. In addition to dazzling us with his spectacular dunks, he has also left us with a great lesson: failure is part of the game.

“I have failed over and over again in my life. That's why I've been successful."

We all, in life and in business, encounter obstacles that we have to face. A great inspiration for companies is found in Teresa PeralesParalympic swimmer winner of 26 medals. At the age of 19, she lost her mobility due to neuropathy, but far from seeing the wheelchair as an impediment, she incorporated it into her life.

“Without the chair I would not have been able to go out on the street, to live the experiences that I have been able to live and to enjoy”

The tenacity in the development of our business has to be constant. And the responsiveness too. Another of the great figures of Spanish sport, Pau Gasol, teaches us:

"It is normal to have bad nights, lose games and make mistakes, because we are all human, but the important thing is to know how to get up as quickly as possible.ible.”

And, of course, the spirit of improvement. Want to be better every day. Maintain a critical attitude. Don't settle. If we are looking for inspiration for companies, nobody better than the great tennis player Rafa Nadal to illustrate that with effort, dedication and sacrifice the objectives can be met.

“Even if I have already reached the ceiling, I have to believe that I can improve”

En uzink, collaborating closely with managers and entrepreneurs, we know that these values ​​move the business world. And, when ever, business projects do not work as expected, we are left with another great lesson that we learned from the Spanish pilot Fernando Alonso: "When you do something with your heart, you should feel proud."

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