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Inbound Marketing: The New Marketing Approach

Inbound Marketing: triple change of approach

We recognize it. As a marketing consultants we fall into the temptation of constantly using anglicisms to explain our work. Internally we understand very well what lies behind all these concepts. However, when we talk to our clients, we realize that there are terms that need a clearer explanation. A good example of this is the Inbound Marketing. There is no strategic meeting in which this concept is not put on the table. However, there are many companies that are unaware of the great change in approach that is hidden behind Inbound Marketing.

The inbound marketing revolution

By Inbound Marketing we understand the set of techniques online that allow us to attract our potential audience in a natural way, to later convert them into qualified contacts and then define personalized actions aimed at conversion. ugh! Sounds too abstract, right?

Triple shift in focus: Inbound Marketing

  1. The customer is the one looking for you. You're not the one chasing him.

At Uzink we believe that here truly lies the great change in approach that companies have to develop. Inbound Marketing consists of creating interesting content of value and communicating it, with a coherent strategy, through the websites, blogs, social networks, SEO y SEM campaigns… Many will think that they are already doing it. But are they creating content of interest or are they simply bombarding them with advertising messages?

The key to Inbound Marketing is design a content strategy effective online from the user's point of view. And, in addition, in continuous review. Our potential client searches the Internet for information, resolution of doubts, entertainment... Is our brand offering any original experience in this sense? Without a doubt, content is still king.

  1. Don't bore them with information they don't want to hear.

You already have them. They have come to your website alone because they liked your content. Now, don't let them go without first collecting their data to continue offering personalized information. This database will be a great treasure, but… Be very careful! We must not be tempted to send what they do not want to hear.

  1. When a purchase is finished, the excitement begins.

The customer perceives that the brand attends to him until he has made the purchase. Once the amount is paid, the interest ends. If we attend to the rules of Inbound Marketing, It is now when the great adventure of falling in love, building loyalty and turning them into the great prescribers of your brand must begin. How? With more and better content.

At Uzink we think that Inbound Marketing is one of the most powerful techniques to connect with your audience and sell on the Internet. It is true that it is not immediate, that it is not miraculous and that, of course, it is not free. However, if you change your focus you will begin to see the results, measure them and interpret them to improve.

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