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Marketing and Coronavirus: the Covid 19 crisis in marketing

The coronavirus will go down in history as one of the most important health and economic dramas globally. A kind of hurricane that, in a matter of days, completely changed the strategy of all companies. El uzink, also working from home, we analyze the coronavirus crisis in marketing and how brands are reacting in their communication.

The stages of the coronavirus crisis in marketing

Brands are no strangers to the coronavirus crisis. However, all those with services in direct contact with the public have been the most sensitive in terms of reputation. We find 4 stages:

Days prior to the declaration of the State of Alarm.

The news about positive cases began to fill the grid of the main media and citizens developed fear, decreased their commercial activity and actively requested concrete measures from the brands. In these previous days, many companies suffered a crisis of online and media reputation.

Declaration of state of alarm.

The scenario changes according to the general rule of the State. In just two days, coinciding with the weekend, companies – forced to telework or close physically – had to prepare official communications in record time, update their online image and begin to rethink their immediate strategy.

During the quarantine.

In this phase, which we are still in, brands are forced to stop their planned actions (advertising investment, events, sponsorships...) to redirect their efforts to online communication. Social networks are the channel that allows them to be active and close to the community. However, the content strategy would have to change radically, as we will see below.

End of quarantine.

It remains to be seen what the commercial reopening will be like in Spain and the return to normality after the coronavirus crisis. However, this phase will be especially delicate. We are facing an unprecedented scenario and analyzing the sensitivities of the community will be key to doing it successfully.

What are brands doing at the marketing level?

In general, most companies have adopted a low profile. Society quickly understood that the health alert was an absolute priority and was not receptive to any commercial communication. However, after a few days and with the advice of marketing professionals, some brands began to react positively with their community.

They reinvented their online content.

The corporate profiles on social networks have stopped their commercial content and are publishing messages of encouragement, entertainment to be at home and, also, giving voice to solidarity initiatives of the users themselves on networks.

Boosting your CSR.

The solidarity of a brand is demonstrated in times like the ones we are experiencing. Many companies, those that have capacity, are helping the community (providing or giving away services, supporting NGOs, etc.).

Designing the return

The marketing plans that we had until now no longer work. Now, these days, it's time to rethink the strategy to return to normality and redesign the annual approach. A new scenario where reactivation campaigns will be more important than ever, the promotional strategy will be essential and, without a doubt, the opportunity to reunite with our clients will be historic. Let's do it with strategy, with sense and with sensitivity. Together we will get it.

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