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The recipe to undertake in ecommerce: How to start?

From experience and how e-commerce consultant, at Uzink we know all the ingredients when it comes to starting an online business. For this reason, our consulting team has jointly prepared this article in which we share the best tips for starting an ecommerce business.

E-commerce is gaining ground over traditional

All analyzes confirm it. According to a recent report published by BBVA, spending by online consumers already represents 20% of the total. Faced with this growth, it is important to point out the 4% drop in retail trade.

Despite the clarity of this trend, there is a fact that alerts and, at the same time, represents a great opportunity. El 95% of small businesses in Spain still does not sell online, according to the Chamber of Spain. Why wait to take the step online?

The secret ingredients to undertake in ecommerce

What are you going to sell? Define a good business model

On the Internet the opportunities multiply, but so does the competition. Therefore, it is vital to thoroughly analyze the competition to find out what product or service, in what way and with what business model you will have a real opportunity to compete.

Where are you going to do it? Study your online channels

An online store of your own may be your best option. However, in the same way that distribution channels are established in the offline world, something similar happens on the Internet. Do not forget to consider third-party sales platforms, agreements with other platforms, direct sales through social networks, reward systems for influencers... Walking accompanied can bear fruit.

What experience do you want to offer? Design your brand online

Your potential customers will also make a journey through your brand In Internet. Therefore, if you want to undertake ecommerce and do it successfully, you have to carefully design this experience. Works with marketers all the criteria related to communication, image, usability, experience, rewards... And, above all, customer service before, during and after the purchase.

How are you going to deliver it? Take care of logistics and transportation

One of the keys to the success of your online business will be logistics and transportation. If the giant of online sales Amazon breaks records in its delivery times, your online business must be able to compete.

How do you want to stand out? communication is everything

Undertaking in ecommerce is directly related to implementing a good online communication and promotion strategy. Take into account your own channels, social networks, agreements with influencers, branded content actions... But don't forget the offline world. Although your sale is made on the Internet, your promotion can also be in the real world with traditional advertising, pop-ups, street promotion actions and events.

Do you want to know more ingredients of success to undertake in ecommerce? From our consultancy in Madrid We will be happy to share success stories and practical advice so you can start your online business.

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