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Undoubtedly, the market for international law firms poses a great challenge for marketing consulting companies. High competitiveness and the need to transmit added value significantly mark a strategy oriented towards user experience.

Especially interesting is the challenge of attracting new customers. Many of these do not make the decision to hire the services of a firm because of the professionalism or the guarantees that it can transmit to them (taking into account that, to a large extent, the decision maker will not have the ability to decide on technical issues) , but by the sensations that the firm transmits: professionalism, security and trust.

At Uzink we work on the branding and communication material of the offices to generate good feelings in the decision makers and tip the balance in their favor. Find out below why work with Uzink:

The importance of taking care of your brand

More and more companies are betting on branding consultancy because it improves their image, makes it more coherent and, above all, more profitable. However, many still confuse the true meaning of the branding thinking that a brand is only reduced to a logo or a name. A brand is much more, and with our legal marketing agency we know what your brand needs.

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How does a legal marketing agency help me?

Do you need fresh air?

Change the way you do things. Keep what works, and give a spin to what can be improved. To do this, you can count on external support that opens new doors for you.

Compliance with rules of use

Does your office depend on a matrix? That is not a problem for us. We strictly comply with the rules stipulated by the brand, and we are in contact with the parent company, if necessary. Wherever you are.


improve your message

We have detected that, in most cases, the orientation of the message of law firms towards their target audience could be improved. Is it your case? Why not contrast it with communication experts?

get knowledge

Turn Uzink, one of the main brand consultants, into your ally for the growth of your office. Effectively increase the perceived value of your signature. An entire high-performance team at your service.


Multi-language support

Our consultancy has the capacity to develop products, services and supports in multiple languages. If your business has no borders, your marketing shouldn't either.

Give a touch of emotion

Your client does not consume only one service. In addition to knowledge, the experience that your clients have every time they interact with you will be decisive in winning new contracts. That is why we focus our work on improving the experience of your customers.


Legal marketing agency services

We design the material of your office

We design your marketing material with all the knowledge of our team, specialized in marketing. We update your material that you already have and we version it to avoid errors and facilitate communication with your clients.

Standardization and supervision of marketing material

In addition to the design, we take care of the standardization and supervision of the marketing material. Avoid duplication and confusion with wrong versions.

Agency support, partial or complete

Uzink offers you agency services support. Use our services only when you need them, or have a full-time person or team.

Event material

We take care of designing, producing and delivering the material for your events. Large and small formats. Transmit added value to your best customers.

Strategy Support

Get the expertise of a marketing team to advise you on strategy. Get “out of the box” knowledge to make your firm more competitive in the market.

corporate merchandising

We have a corporate catalog with more than 3.000 merchandising products, to support your events or your loyalty campaigns.

Production and printing of material

We print your graphic material with the best printers on the market and we deliver the material within 24 hours with our premium delivery service.

digital environments

We design and maintain websites, microsites and intranets so that you have advanced digital support.

Legal marketing agency services

branding services


We understand the sense of sight as the main sense, when it comes to selling a product. For this reason, we treat design as a critical phase of our service.

branding services

Experience Marketing

We work in sectors where customer experience is critical. We transfer our learning from other sectors to yours, so that your clients enjoy unique experiences when using your services.

branding services

Promotional products

We have a product catalog of more than 3.000 references, so you can use it when you need it, in an agile way, with the same provider and without intermediaries.